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Identify and elaborate on any one healthcare law/legislation related to vulnerable populations. be sure to integrate applicable - Research Paper Example

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Name Date Course Section/# The Affordable Healthcare Act of 2009 was originally intended as a massive overhaul of the nation’s health care system. Due to the fact that the crafters of this particular piece of legislation saw the existing system as inadequate and unable to meet unique needs of society, key provisions of the Affordable Healthcare Act were promoted in order to engage the general needs of broader society…
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Identify and elaborate on any one healthcare law/legislation related to vulnerable populations. be sure to integrate applicable
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Download file to see previous pages In this particular way, the following analysis will seek to understand and engage upon the means by which the Affordable Healthcare Act has acted to prove the needs and the general welfare of homeless individuals within society; individuals which had previously been excluded from the benefits that various other types of government aid had been able to sponsor within the United States. Furthermore, the analysis will seek to understand the means by which the ideology of the Affordable Health Care Act can be linked to the extant needs of the vulnerable population that is under discussion. From such an analysis it is the further hope of this author that the reader will be able to come away from this discussion and research with the understanding that the Affordable Healthcare Act was able to provide a windfall benefit to a great number of individuals within society that could otherwise be termed as “vulnerable populations”. ...
of the matter is that many individuals within the United States had been forced into homelessness due to the fact that they were unable to pay outstanding medical bills (Nickasch & Marnocha, 2009). More specifically, programs such as Medicaid require that the individual has children under their direct care in order to accrue the benefits that such a program can provide. However, general society assumes the fact that such governmental programs are available based upon needs alone and do not have any such requirements. Within such an understanding, it can readily be noted why this particular vulnerable population has previously been underserved with regards the level of healthcare provision that has been available to them in the past. Yet, as a direct result of the Affordable Healthcare Act, this vulnerable population has experienced a reduction in the overall limitations which had previously constrained the provision of healthcare (Irestig et al, 2010). Yet, it must be understood by the reader that the Affordable Healthcare Act in and of itself is not physically providing benefits to the previously uncovered populations of homeless within the United States; rather, what is actually being done is that the legislation itself has affected the means by which Medicaid operates. By expanding the program to allow for individuals that are homeless reap the benefits that had previously been reserved for a select population, that has briefly been defined, the legislation provided a paradigm shift with regards to the means by which this vulnerable population can utilize and integrate with key levels of healthcare that had not previously been available to them. An interesting component of the above provision regarding homelessness within the United States and the means by which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Identify and Elaborate on Any One Healthcare law/Legislation Related Research Paper.
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