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The underlying reasons for homelessness emanate from numerous social and economic sources such as poverty caused by unemployment or poor paying jobs, a deficit of affordable housing and the lack of services for those who suffer from domestic violence, mental illness and substance abuse. …
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The Homeless of Society: Causes and Solutions
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Download file to see previous pages It is a matter of fact that the estimated half a million children that, at any one time, is homeless in America and their mothers represent the fastest growing element of the homeless population with returning veterans following closely behind (Why, 2009). According to current research conducted within homeless shelters, single males comprise forty-five percent of the population using these services while single females make up only fifteen percent of the estimated two million homeless in America. This leaves an additional forty percent of the homeless population to be comprised of families with children and a third of these are identified as single parents with children. As this illustrates, it is a gross misconception that most homeless persons actually prefer that horrific lifestyle once they’ve had a chance to become adjusted to it. Studies show that ninety-four percent of those without a home certainly would not choose to live this way another day if they had an alternative. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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