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Why are there many homeless people in big cities like LA - Essay Example

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The existence of the homeless people in big cities has an effect to the careers of the inhabitants of the city. This is because as more people become homeless, the local providers of basic…
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Why are there many homeless people in big cities like LA
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Extract of sample "Why are there many homeless people in big cities like LA"

Download file to see previous pages 47). This essay will cover the reasons why there are many homeless people living in big cities for example Los Angeles and suggest solutions to the problems.
There are various causes of homeless people moving into big cities for example LA. The homeless move into the large cities due to existence of programs and shelters. The large population of the large cities attracts more programs and more shelters to help the needy. The homeless need as much aid as they can get to get back on their feet hence the preference to live in large cities. Also there are state and federal programs which help the needy but are only accessible in large cities only and also privately run programs that are not available in small cities or rural areas. Other programs include discounted medical programs, large churches which have programs to help the needy and soup kitchens. A big city makes it easy for one to move around from one place to another looking for basic necessities (Haymes, pp. 58). A person can go to one church and get breakfast and then go to a different shelter and eat again. Another reason for homeless people living in large cities is because of the existence of mass transit. This includes buses, subways, trains or even ferries. These things are necessary and vital to homeless people in order for them to move from one place to another and be able to get out of homelessness. Large cities usually offer free bus passes to the homeless through registration with them. The homeless persons after registration must show up twice a week for job workshop classes and to register for employment (Dubuis, pp. 82). Many homeless people also live in big cities like LA due to the availability of nearby social amenities. In big cities there are many restaurants with bathrooms where people can wash their faces when it is hot or clean up. During hot days, one can also walk into shopping malls to use the air conditioning to cool off. When it is raining there are a variety of ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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