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Criminology - Essay Example

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An ideology influences the way of thinking of the members of the particular group, their code of conduct and how they go on about with their life. An ideology may be held by groups such as…
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Extract of sample "Criminology"

Download file to see previous pages All of these ideologies have their impacts on all spheres of the society including thegovernment.
Socialist ideologies stand for maximization of wealth and opportunities for all people through communal control and ownership of social services and industries. Socialism aims to reduce human suffering and promote equality and enhance quality of life for all people. Unlike capitalism which aims at private ownership and control of property; socialism believes that communal ownership and control of property is what the world needs for the benefit of everyone. Socialism came into being in the 19th century when the industrial revolution started (Caputo, 2011).
Over the years, socialism has had he impacts on government policies. While many have viewed socialists as anti-government forces, others believe that it is because of socialists that many people today are able to access basic social services. Socialists have fought for human rights and helped in the promotion of equality and inclusivity within the government. Social policies influence different areas of life such as education, health and social care. As a result, they also influence how the government formulates its policies (fried, et. al, 1992).
In the 1980s, the Conservative Social Policies were very common in the UK. The Conservative Party introduced the New Right thinking in the UK under John Major. The party also showed special preference to the nuclear family. The party influenced the formation and enactment of the Child Support Agency and the Family Law Act in 1996. The Child Support Agency aimed at making sure that fathers provided child support even when they were no longer with the mother of their child (Bochel, 2008). Socialists believed that this would reduce suffrage for single mothers and that children would not lack anything despite not having a father around them. This benefitted the government as it reduced theamount of money the state paid to single mothers. The Family Law Act was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Criminology other criminals. This in turn reduces their association and bond with good or conventional people and adapt social leaning of criminal activities. It is also important to note that labeled individuals depict themselves as criminals and tend to act in accordance with this self-concept. References Arrigo, B 1998, Social Justice/Criminal Justice: The Maturation of Critical Theory in Law, Crime, and Deviance, Wadsworth Publishing, London. Croall, H 2011, Crime and Society in Britain, Longman Group United Kingdom. Goode, E & Yehuda, N B 1994, Moral Panics: The Social Construction of Deviance, Blackwell, Oxford. Valier, C 2002, Crime and Punishment, Longman, London. Williams, K. S 2001, Textbook on Criminology, Oxford University Press,...
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... Ritzer, George & Goodman, Douglas (2003) Classical Sociological Theory Fourth Edition McGraw Hill Publishing Company 22-23 Spak, Kevin (2010) Puerto Rico: Sex Offender Paradise: Lax Laws Send Convicts to the Island Vedder, Clyde B., Koenig, Samuel & Clark, Robert E. (1976) Criminology Holt, Rinehart & Winston New York... The paper, on the basis of the relevant researches conducted on the similar topics, views unemployment, poverty and inequality as the basic reasons behind high homicide rate in the island. Domestic violence, lack of tolerance, class discrimination and ethno-racial hatred can also be stated the imperative reasons behind h...
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... enforcing agencies in detecting the area from which the specific group of offenders has sought shelter. References Cohen, L. E., & Felson, M. (1979) Social change and crime rate trends: A routine activity approach. American Sociological Review, 44(4), 588–608. Sacco, V. F., & Kennedy, L. W. (2008) The Criminal Event: An Introduction to Criminology in Canada. Toronto. Thomson Nelson Sutherland, Edwin Hardin., & Cressey, Donald Ray. (1976) Principles of Criminology Rowman & Littlefield 80-83... CAUSES OF HUGE GROWTH IN CRIME RATE Module Module No: The Paper Cohen & Felson (1979) have pointed out towards some most imperative reasons behind the constant increase in committing of crimes and offences in various states and areas of the USA. The...
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Criminology . Critical criminology

... criminality: The Representation of Crime in the Mass Media. media made criminality. Print. [Online] Available at:,d.d2k [Accessed 27/05/2013] Wilson, D and O'Sullivan, S (2005) ' Re-theorizing the penal reform functions of the prison film.' pp. 471-491 in Theoretical Criminology Vol. 9, No. 4.... Critical analysis of prison films revolves around two elements first being the graphic exploitation of violence and sexual assault in prison films which are predominantly depicted voyeuristically thus...
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...system, while its future development also depends on further case studies. As Criminology feeds information into the Criminal justice system, it develops the appropriate defensive techniques, just like the human body does, in response to a vaccine. This is why one is useless without existence of the other. Criminology & Deviance Deviance is behavior that is quite different from the social norms, and morally unacceptable in the society. They can be of varying extents in different societies due to cultural variations among them. Urinating in public, and rape are common deviation examples of small & large scale, respectively. Meanwhile, Criminology is the science of studying and...
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...Criminology Crime study is an essential tool to alert all the stakeholders and to establish harmonious social setting. “An indispensable tool in the war against crime is the ability to identify with precision when and where crime takes place, what form it takes, and the characteristics of its victims and perpetrators” (US Department of Justice Uniform Crime Reporting. 2000). Principal methods accepted for crime studies are qualitative and quantitative methods. Casual Process Observations (CPOs) are the basics of the qualitative analysis, whereas Data Set Observations (DSOs) serve the purpose in quantitative analysis. (Beck 2006).Two statistical programs to measure the magnitude, nature, and impact of crime administered by the U.S... Crime...
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.../ anomie_and_strain_theory.htm. Davis, Kevin (and others) 2005. The Durkheim Merton Page. Retrieved November 9, 2008 from . Durkheim, E. (1897). Suicide. Excerpts retrieved November 13, 2008 from pp. 246, 247-49, 250-51, 252- 54, 256, 257-58. Johns, A.T. ( 1981) Durkheim, Deviance and Development: Opportunities Lost Regained. Social Forces. 59: 4, p1009-1024. EBSCOhost Database. Academic Search Premier [AN 5293028]. Konty, M. (2005). Microanomie: the cognitive foundations of the relationship between anomie and deviance. Criminology. 43(1). P. 107-131. EBSCOhost Database. Academic Search Premier [AN 16438267]. Merton, R. K. (1938) Social Structure...
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...CRIMINOLOGY A crime is an act, either of commission or of omission that amounts to legal action. Criminology is on the other hand the study of crimesand criminals. This paper seeks to discuss criminology. The paper will explore two aspects of criminology, causes of crimes and prevention of crimes. Causes of crimes Crime, being an action, is a factor of a condition or a situation. A force therefore exists that drives a person into an act or thought of committing a crime. Messner explores causes of crimes from three perspectives, “social and economic developments,” “cultural level,” and “psychological or biological level” (2001, p. 59, 60). Social and economic factors in a person’s life play a significant role in the person’s perception...
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.... Understanding criminology theories depend on the relationships made in formulating them and each theory differ from one situation to another. Therefore, social learning theory is one of the criminology theories that explain the way people develop their behaviors through socialization. This theory argues that “as social creatures, our behavior is a product of our environment,” thus understanding social learning theory is imperative because it enables the policy makers to implement effective strategies for combating crime issues in the society. Social learning theory is one of the criminology theories that attempt to address the issue of the social environment and the way it influences...
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... of physiognomy it is considered that physical features like distance between two eyes or structure of the forehead can tell about a person’s strengths like intelligence and honesty (Collins, 1999, p.251). It was the 19th century Italian criminologist, Cesare Lombroso who had observed resemblance between the skulls of a notorious criminal and those belonging to lower races. He coined the term “born criminals” and attributed their criminology to physical features like “drooping eyes, large ears, protruding jaw, flat nose” (Valla et al., 2011, p.70). 3. During the 1970s and 1980s, various studies have demonstrated that children born from parents who have been imprisoned carry greater potential of becoming criminals during adult years even...
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