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Discussion of the Political Typology Quiz - Assignment Example

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There are various typologies of political ideologists for instance: There are people that are usually referred as Staunch Conservative Ideologists; in…
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Discussion of the Political Typology Quiz
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Download file to see previous pages Another typology of political ideologists is the Solid Liberals; this is a group of people that basically takes opposing views in comparison to the position of the Staunch Conservatives. In the United States of America, they are usually a minority group majorly made up by the white community while the Staunch Conservatives currently are made of African-American as well as other groups of white and immigrants from countries like Mexico, Spain, China et cetera.
Consequently, there is also a third group of political ideologists that usually take a position that is neither conservative nor Liberal and in extreme cases they are neither neutral. This group is usually referred as the Disaffected; they are basically persons that are not interested in political matters. This is a typology of individuals that may be affected by certain personal social challenges hence tend to shift their focus towards providing solutions to their challenges.
The existence of political ideologies is an imperative aspect within the political environment of any nation as it facilitates other aspects of development. Usually, governments are kept in check by opposing parties hence facilitating their efforts towards various development processes. The opposition is important as it ensures that that the government is not ignored when it comes to policy formulation and development in various parts of the nation. Therefore, the essence of political ideology basically entails a scenario whereby different groups possess varying perceptions in regard to a government’s actions i.e. in relation to policy formulation et cetera.
Taking an analysis of political ideologies on a scale of importance that basically involve various facets of development, it would occupy the second position from policies that allows the freedom of expression and having different perceptions. Different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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