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LDPs Long Domination in Japanese Politics Until 2009 - Essay Example

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The Liberal Democratic Party has managed to maintain power in Japan for a very long period due to certain attributes that facilitated the bringing out of its strengthsю. Despite the successful run is not a product of a few approaches or interventions, certain concepts of success stand out than the rest…
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Extract of sample "LDPs Long Domination in Japanese Politics Until 2009"

Download file to see previous pages The Liberal Democratic Party has managed to maintain power in Japan for a very long period due to certain attributes that facilitated the bringing out of its strengthsю. Despite the successful run is not a product of a few approaches or interventions, certain concepts of success stand out than the rest.The commonly held opinion on the success of the party revolves around three main factors variously referred to as the Iron Triangle. LDP success as a political powerhouse in Japan depended on a number of factors creating a network of interaction between bureaucracy, politics and private sector contribution in policy formulation and implementation. Reliance on the traditional vote rich regions to instigate domineering politics ensured that the party had tight grip of political following across the country. In order for the party to facilitate a lengthy political presence in national governance, elimination of completion from opposition meant introduction of unfair practices against the weaker players. Such a structure had to come to an end with due course and LDP was ousted by the DPJ in 2006, making its recovery a complicated affair to handle. In view of the political environment in Japan under the governance of the DPJ, it is doubtful that the LDP will return to its former glory of domination and unmatched power. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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