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Benefits of Mentoring Programs in Schools - Research Paper Example

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Notably, the continued reliance on mentoring programs emanates from the benefits of such programs to the children, the school, and the parents. The mentoring programs in the elementary…
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Benefits of Mentoring Programs in Schools
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"Benefits of Mentoring Programs in Schools"

Download file to see previous pages This has an overall effect of simplifying the staff’s duty of establishing and monitoring relationships among children in elementary schools (Rose 1). Moreover, mentoring programs in the elementary schools allows mentors to advocate on the children’s behalf since they understand them (Rhodes 1).
Mentoring programs influence the status of the children by deriving an understanding on the mentee and enhancing social standing (Rhodes 1). These programs also foster academic focus by presenting academic issues to the forefront and offer a natural context for mentors to address school and learning issues (Rhodes 2). Moreover, most mentors in the mentoring programs in the elementary schools cannot volunteer their services outside the school context. As such, these programs attract mentors who cannot offer their services in community-based programs hence maximizing this exclusive potential (Rhodes 2). Such mentors are minority volunteers who have considerable knowledge and skills on mentorship. This benefits the children and the administration of the elementary schools since they benefit from this potential. Furthermore, it is clear that sourcing and screening mentors for school-based programs is much easier than sourcing mentors for community-based programs (Rhodes 2). As such, these programs allow for the spreading of mentorship wealth in elementary schools.
The mentoring programs in the elementary schools are equally flexible since they accommodate cross-gender matches (Rhodes 2). Indeed, these programs have more mentors coming from all genders where both males and females render their services to children. Indeed, these programs reach more children than the community-based programs thus helping children who cannot access community-based mentorship program, which depicts their ability to reach higher-risk children and families (Rhodes 2). At the same time, mentoring programs in the elementary schools attract more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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