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Possibilities: - Research Paper Example

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Possibilities Name Name of Institution Possibilities Performance standards have been adopted by most schools across the country as a way to measure the student’s performance. The performance standards are a mandate of the No Child Left Behind Act which aims at improving the educational standards across the country…
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Possibilities: Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Schools that have low achievement are in some cases provided with additional funding. State funding to the schools however becomes a problem if the funding is not released in proper time. The problem is worse for schools that intend to implement different projects and programs to improve their performance. The appointment of a new instructional leader at XYZ School has opened an opportunity for the discussion of various programs aimed at improving educational opportunities for the students. One of the possibilities that can help in the improvement of the performance in the schools is the after school tuition programs for the students. Huang and Cho (2009) assert that after school programs are important in providing the students with academic enrichment supervision and homework assistance. The after school programs also provide the students with an opportunity to develop their social skills. The programs are especially important to children from low income families. This would be aimed at helping the students who did not perform well at the standardized tests. Another option for improving student’s performance would be the creation of a mentoring program which will be funded by the State Department for Education. ...
This has forced the instructor to come up with an alternative plan to satisfy the programs funding requirements. One of the options that are being explored by the instructor is seeking funding from the neighboring churches. The instructor also proposes the use of the mass media to seek volunteers for the programs and to mentor the students. Account funds from the school will be used to pay the instructional leaders who will take charge of the parenting workshops. To ensure that the programs are implemented successfully, the instructor will meet various leaders from the community to explain the proposed programs and their benefits to the society. Walker et al (2007) assert the after school programs decrease the possibilities that children from poor neighborhoods will end up in a cycle of poverty. The programs also increase students’ emotional stability, and decrease the chances of children’s involvement in the justice system (Hall, Williams, and Daniel, 2010). These benefits will be important in convincing the leaders to provide the necessary funding for the programs. The instructional leader could request that these retired teachers volunteer a portion of their time to tutor students in the afternoon. Saddler and Staulters (2008) stated that ‘tutoring has made a significant impact in the school system and when provided by retired teachers, educators, and student teachers’. This method can therefore be an excellent enhancement for classroom reading instruction. One of the greatest obstacles facing teachers is meeting the needs of struggling at-risk readers. Despite the use of effective, research-based techniques, many children are not progressing in reading and math and may need additional assistance (Saddler and ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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