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On Samuel Beckett - Research Paper Example

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O’Casey, R.S. Sheridan, J.B. Shaw, J.M. Synge amongst others (Uhlmann 20). It is, therefore, not a wonder to note that Samuel Beckett, a person…
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Research paper on Samuel Beckett
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Extract of sample "On Samuel Beckett"

Download file to see previous pages Samuel Beckett was born and raised in a Protestant middle class home and was the son of Bill Beckett, a Quantity Surveyor and May Beckett, a Nurse (Cronin 72). At the age of 14, his parents sent him off to school which was apparently also attended by Oscar Wilde. A few years later, Beckett moved to Paris and without more ado, fell in love with the city. Upon arrival, a mutual friend introduced him to James Joyce who was a writer (Nixon 91). Having been introduced to the world of writing, Beckett wrote his very first essay at the age of 23 which was in defense of Joyce’s magnum piece against the public’s lazy demand for easy understanding (Knowlson 110). However, upon completing a study of Proust, Beckett concluded that routine and habit are the cancer of time and this led to him having some considerations regarding his life. France became the strongest factor that was to influence his spirit and style of his writings. He later gave up his post at Trinity College where he received his B.A. Degree, and embarked on a nomadic journey across Europe.
As he travelled across Europe, Beckett still wrote poems and stories while doing odd jobs to get some form of income. He finally settled down in Paris in the year 1937 after being to Germany, Ireland, England and other parts of Europe. In a rather unfortunate incident, soon after he arrived in Paris, he was stabbed in the street by a man who had asked him for money (Uhlmann 21). While in hospital, Beckett learned that he had developed a perforated lung. Beckett recovered and decided to visit his attacker in prison to question him on the attack. In the course of the World War II, he put up in Paris even subsequent to being conquered by Germans. He briefly joined the underground movement where he fought for the resistance until 1942 where he was strained to flee with his French wife to the uninhabited zone so as to avoid arrest (Connor 53). After Paris was liberated from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Paper on Samuel Beckett Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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