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Assignment 10 - Research Paper Example

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Online Learning/Teaching- Possibilities and Constraints Name of the Student Subject Name of the Teacher January 7, 2014 Abstract With the advent of new technologies, much could be expected to change in the sphere of education. In that context, online learning and teaching are comparatively recent developments in the field of education that have made it possible to proliferate education in those areas that do not have schools and colleges and amongst those students that could not benefit from the conventional approaches to education…
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Assignment 10
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Download file to see previous pages Online Learning/Teaching- Possibilities and Constraints There is no denying the fact that the advent of the new technological possibilities and the ongoing IT revolution has indeed influenced the varied aspects of the human life (McPherson & Nunes, 2004, p. 25). One of the areas influencing the human life that has indeed been readily revolutionized by the IT revolution is the sphere of education. The advent of online learning also referred to as electronic learning has opened up new possibilities for the students around the world (McPherson & Nunes, 2004, p. 92). The concept of online learning has indeed established the fact that technology is going to invade every aspect of the human life and the way people teach and learn. Not only this, online education has also changed the way governments, academic authorities and universities, colleges and schools conduct and manage their courses and activities (McPherson & Nunes, 2004, p. 77). Thereby, online education is a possibility that is poised to make things easier for both the teachers and the students. Yet, varied segments of the society and the affiliates of the student and teacher community tend to have diverse opinions about online learning. If some extol online learning as a possibility that could help disseminate education in the far and distant parts of the world, there are others who believe that online education is a concept that takes away much from the actual learning and teaching experience. In that context it would be really enlightening to delve on the possibilities brought into existence by online education and the constraints it poses to the actual experience of learning and teaching. To mull over the pros and cons of online education, it is somewhat imperative to consider the evolution of the concept of online education. It is a fact that the academic authorities and experts around the world had been trying hard to facilitate learning and education to those students who for some reasons could not benefit from the conventional approaches towards learning and teaching that are the universities, schools and colleges (McPherson & Nunes, 2004). This need gave way to the concept of distance education. The purpose of distance education was to provide the students who could not attend universities, schools and colleges, with the requisite learning materials and teacher feedback through the available means of communication (McPherson & Nunes, 2004). The problem was that the available means of communication like post, radio and telephone was that they were quiet slow and left much to be desired (McPherson & Nunes, 2004). However, with the advent of the internet, new possibilities emerged in the domain of distance education. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that online learning and teaching is a highly evolved form of the concept of distance education that emerged decades ago. The tremendous advances made by humanity in the communication technology actually made it possible to extend education to the students located in the far flung areas in an easy and assessable manner (McPherson & Nunes, 2004). No doubt there are multiple convenient factors that are indeed supportive of the concept of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assignment 10 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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