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Impact of Class Size on Students' Achievement - Thesis Example

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Since time immemorial, education has always been one of the prime, important, and essential components for an individual in attaining their status, accomplishments, prosperity, and successfulness. The significance of education has escalated up to skyrocket in the contemporary civilization and world. …
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Impact of Class Size on Students Achievement
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"Impact of Class Size on Students' Achievement"

Download file to see previous pages Since education is the understanding, wisdom and the information that any individual elucidate and illuminate in order to become proficient in a particular area of interest. However, there are abundant of students especially in the underdeveloped countries who do not even get the opportunity to get the elementary or primary education due to their poor financial statuses. Whereas, the developed nations are providing the students with quality education that helps them in making them live a better and standard life with the power of knowledge (Saracho, 2002). In view of the fact that education and learning is a critical and vital process that determines the future of any individual and how the person will shape his entire life with the knowledge that he will get. Therefore, education is one principal factor that cannot come under ignorance. Nevertheless, like any other field, the domain of education also has numerous problems that the students may encounter in their academic lives. However, the problems may come across with the teachers as well either with the administration department or in coping up with students (Saracho, 2002). By means of the rising population in the modern world in conjunction with the significance of education, the design, plan, and initiative for the development and enhancement of academic programs have escalated the proportion of students for each class. There are several reasons due to which elementary schools tend to have larger number of students per class without considering the fact that this is making a huge impact on the students’ accomplishments and achievements in their academic careers (Jepsen & Rivkin, 2002). The relationship of students’ achievements caused by the class size has come under numerous researches and exploration since couple of decades; the aftermaths and findings have elevated this matter of subject into many discussions and arguments. In addition, the arguments provide the evidence for the fact that how the suggestions can contribute and influence to the improvements of the students’ performances. Moreover, the suggestions also propose the idea that how all students can get individual attention that can lead to a positive impact on to their achievements (Jepsen & Rivkin, 2002). One of the leading obstacles that are under debates and arguments in the current times that catch the attention of one’s mind is the size of the class that the students study in, as it is one of the imperative subjects that give rise to the problems in the field of education. It has come under surveillance that the class size has a direct impact where it persuades on the learning and accomplishments of the students. In addition, the class size plays a great deal of value and prominence in the essence of learning and education that a student acquires and gains (Franciosi, 2004). Another query arises with the class size concern is that whether the students tend to perform better, gain additional and supplementary knowledge and have high level of achievements and success? This question is in comparison to the students who study in class where there are more students and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impact of Class Size on Students' Achievement
...and implementation of study recommendations and post implementation analyses. One of the main areas of concern to the stakeholders involved, i.e., policy makers, parents, teachers and researchers, is the question of whether or not class size has an impact on studentsachievement. A great number of resources in terms of financial and human capital have been committed to investigating the impact of class size on the effectiveness of the learning process, thus indicating that this is an area of major importance in the education sector. This is understandable considering that education consumes huge...
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The Effect of Class Size on Student Achievement be lower than the grade of the large class – 77.23077. So, it can be seen that, first of all, in Geometry class the average grade of students is higher and, secondly, the difference between the average grades of the two classes is quite visible. So, the presented above results of the quantitative research lead to a conclusion that there is no definite correlation between the size of the class and student’s achievements. However, such a statement contradicts the assumptions of Project STAR (Tennessee) and SAGE project (Wisconsin), which claimed a higher correlation between the size of...
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...settle down and study. And diminishing number of playgrounds means that male students lose more and more interest in school (Slavin, 2006). One notable thing might be the case where the improvement of girls in academics over the few decades may just be the greatness and due to their obedient behavior more than anything else that have seen them out perform the boys. But one thing is for sure that this trend is consistent with all the social classes. So this cannot be considered a direct link towards social class and achievement in education in UK (Yeh, 2011). Upon further dividing the argument beyond ethnicities it will not be wrong to say that ethnic minority...
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...and associated task performance. Journal of Education for Business 75(1), 27–32. Rayburn, L.G. and Rayburn, J.M. (1999) Impact of course length and homework assignments on student performance. Journal of Education for Business 74(6), 325–31. Rogers, W.T. and Bateson, D.J. (1991) The influence of testwiseness upon performance of high school students on school leaving examinations. Applied Measurement in Education 4(2), 159–83. .Siegel, L., Macomber, F.G. and Adams, J.F. (1959) The effectiveness of large group instruction at the university level. Harvard Educational Review 29(3), 216–26. Simmons, H.F. (1959) Achievement in intermediate algebra associated with...
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..., including those from poor family backgrounds, achieve their educational goals. Allington (1991) maintains that federal, state, and district policies ought to be cautiously premeditated with the purpose of outlining the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of a variety of policies in finishing the poverty achievement gap. C. Research question, hypotheses, and propositions Research questions 1. What are the impacts of poverty on education? 2. Who are the different stakeholders in education and what their role in closing poverty achievement gap? 3. What are the existing alternative strategies and policies for alleviating the damaging impacts of poverty on...
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..., schools should be constructed so that at least a third of the students are middle-class, if possible. This allows for the top half of the class to be wealthy and for the lower third to be socioeconomically disadavantaged. It is not always possible, obviously, for this exact arrangement to be made in a school setting. However, it is advisable that schools rethink the way they are structured, considering that a middle-class environment seems most suitable for learning, according to the research. One of the clarion calls of students achieving at high levels is having a family which is wealthy. “Wealthy families in Britain are a third...
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...of the ability delivery are affected by the most by attending a middle or junior high school. District schools have implemented middle schools which has less evidence concerning the quantity of efficiency of the education structure. Middle school system is better than junior high school system because of the short period students are required to be present in class. Approximately 1% - 3% of span of time needed to be spent by student in a school is reduced by middle school system. In middle school system the measure of performance is good and is much appropriate to low achieving students (Werblow & Duesbery, 2009). Analysis There have been minimal...
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...jurisdictions has undergone immense transformation since inception. Key reforms have been instituted to ensure that the quality and effectiveness of learning are enhanced. The paradigm shift in the education sector has been influenced by legislative and policy frameworks that seek to alter how teaching and learning occurs. The size of the class has been one of the fundamental concerns in so far as improving the learning outcomes is concerned. Pundits have argued that the ratio between the teacher and the student determines to a greater extent the student's achievement. Class size has profound impact on...
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