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What are your solutions to stop rapes on Natives American women and women in Easter part of Democratic Republic of Congo - Thesis Example

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The paper deals with violence and high rates of rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo and rapes of indigenous women in America. It is claimed further on that the number of women, who are the victims of sexual violence, is constantly growing. …
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What are your solutions to stop rapes on Natives American women and women in Easter part of Democratic Republic of Congo
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Extract of sample "What are your solutions to stop rapes on Natives American women and women in Easter part of Democratic Republic of Congo"

Download file to see previous pages There is a direct correlation between the local levels of sexual violence growth, decrease of social and living standards and also a growing number of crimes committed by the local authorities and militia. Key words: sexual violence, rape, local authorities, military and political conflicts. The violence and rape in the Eastern Congo The violence and rape toward modern women is one of the most crucial problems in the modern globalized world. Both women from developed and developing countries are subjected to aggressive behaviors and attitudes. This research project is focused on the conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and women’s rape in the country, as well as the growing number of rape victims in America among indigenous women. There are numerous risk factors, which may occur in the result of rape. These are: widowhood, husband abandonment, gang rape, and having a child from (Jackson, 2006). The above-mentioned facts may lead to social rejection of a raped woman. Therefore, rape is positioned not only as a moral and physical infliction, but also as a socially destroying factor. A decade of fighting in the eastern part of Congo resulted in undermining of the country’s infrastructure, economical and development indicators decrease et cetera. Genocide in Rwanda was another intimidating factor for the people living in Congo (Wakabi, 2007). There was no stability in the country at all and there was a need to take appropriate measures in order to identify preventive strategies against further collapse of the country. From the beginning of the conflict, more than 200, 000 cases of sexual assault were registered. In accordance with the modern data, 40% of women and 24% of men witnessed sexual violence (Autesserre, 2006). Taking into account data of Focus Group Design and Sample Selection Survivors of violence, researchers appealed for the local hospitals in the search for appropriate data and potential possibility of negotiation with the victims of violence and rape. In accordance with data provided about the group in Kiswahili, two-thirds of women (68.9%) experienced gang rape (rape by more than one assailant on the same occasion) and 46% of women reported being abducted (they were raped for more than one day) by their assailants (Hanlon, 2008). Uniformed attackers raped more women and were suspected of gang rape, instead of non-uniform assailants. Moreover, these women experienced not only physical and psychological impact, but were also rejected by their families and communities. They had to look for a place to live and where to go in case their community rejected from their presence. They were stigmatized in their communities and very often people pointed at these women by their fingers. It is evident that a woman experienced a feeling of shame and humiliation when witnessing such kind of social malpractice. Husbands of women were described by the victims of rape in the following way: “They repudiate us. They know that we have been raped and that we have been infected. So to save their lives they abandon us” (Grewal, 2010). There are no enough opportunities for taking care of women, who were inflicted in the process of rape. These women are always positioned as victims, which have no way back. They do not have enough opportunities to live their previous lives, because the illnesses they have and many other intimidating factors they experience are degrading their lives. Rapes of indigenous women in America The number of indigenous women raped in the in the US is 2.5 times larger to a general population of women in America. Indigenous population has always been marginalized and they lacked of their rights and they have never been sound member of any society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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