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Center of discussion in this paper is Kraft Foods Inc. as the second largest confectionery, food and beverage corporation across the world, and is the largest in the United States. Kraft's headquarters is based in Illinois, Chicago, whose operations encompass 155 countries. …
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Kraft Foods, Incorporated: A Strategic Management Perspective
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Download file to see previous pages The study throws light on Kraft Foods Inc. as one of the largest and most renowned company that produces snacks, which houses a variety of brands that consumers continue to purchase. Kraft is the second largest food company on a global scale, presented with a yearly revenue amounting to $49.2 billion. Most of the corporation's profits is derived from its 11 leading brands, which are: (1) Cadbury; (2) Jacobs; (3) Kraft; (4) LU; (5) Maxwell House; (6) Milka; (7) Nabisco; (8) Oreo; (9) Oscar Mayer; (10) Philadelphia; and (11) Trident. The eleven aforementioned brands produce more than $1 billion on an annual basis. In addition, Kraft has 40 more brands under its name. The type of service that Kraft provisions is based on the welfare of its consumers and its key stakeholders. The business' aim of "making today delicious" is not only regarded towards the products the firm produces, but also how it aims to affect its market in a positive manner. Its objective of promoting a healthier lifestyle towards its consumers is reinforced by the organization's efforts of helping communities through corporate social efforts and doing its part in being compliant with exceptional quality and international standards. The way in which Kraft does business is exemplified in its exertions in producing products with exceptional quality as fortified by ensuring customer satisfaction with the type of service they provide. Through performing in accordance with the company's mission statement and strategies, they have been regarded as one of the most renowned and trusted brands and company in the market. ...
ction 11: Control Systems 53 Section 12: Conclusion and Recommendation 56 References 59 Section 1: History of Company One of the most renowned confectionery, food and beverage conglomerates on a global scale is Kraft Foods Inc. At present, Kraft's business has expanded to more than 155 nations, offering various brands from its product lines. Kraft has established a good foundation in the food industry as forty of its brands have been in the market for more than a century now. The company's headquarters is located in Northfield, Illinois in Chicago. Kraft Foods Inc. is listed in the New York Stock Exchange, thus making it an independent public corporation (Kraft, 2007; Kraft Foods Company, 2010b). At present, Kraft holds the crown for being the largest food company in the United States. However, it only ranks second after Nestle worldwide. Its key operations are Kraft North America and Kraft International. The brands it offers can be categorized into five sectors, which are snacks, beverages, cheese, grocery and convenient meals. Seven of its brands generate more than a billion of revenues annually, whereas 60 more of its brands contribute more than $100 million worth of profits yearly. Apart from the success of its specific brands in the food industry, Kraft Foods Inc. currently has the highest position globally in 11 product categories. These categories are (1) coffee; (2) cookies; (3) cream cheese; (4) crackers; (5) dry packaged dinners; (6) dessert mixes; (7) powdered soft drinks; (8) salad dressings; (9) snack nuts; (10) lunch combinations; and (11) processed cheese. More than 220 facilities erected across the world manufacture Kraft's products (Kraft Foods Company, 2010b). Most of the revenues acquired by Kraft Foods Company were managed by Philip Morris Companies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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