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Strategic public relation - Philadelphia Spread Cheese - Research Paper Example

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Public relations duty in general is performed by public relations experts or PR firms for their clients. PR involves conversing with and through the media to present the…
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Strategic public relation - Philadelphia Spread Cheese
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Extract of sample "Strategic public relation - Philadelphia Spread Cheese"

Download file to see previous pages e something that makes them noticeable from the crowd, something that makes them more attractive and fascinating to both the media and members of the public (Heath 103). A positive image can help augment a companys sales and unconstructive publicity can harm a companys reputation and decrease sales.
Many people perceive PR as a way to turn news and information, thus portraying the news or information in the best possible way for the company (Doyle 2). For instance, if a company announces retrenchments, its PR department will allege that the company is cutting down on its costs and making itself more proficient to serve its customers better and offer lower prices (Walter 42). As long as it is true, then the PR section will be doing a great job of guarding its reputation and image. Stretching the true reality to create a positive image, on the other hand, can end up being damaging to the company if hyperboles or even half-truths are exposed (Jacque 4).
The globalization of the food and beverage industry has transformed the process of producing and distributing food products in a way that clearly separates food production from food consumption (Agee 19). As a result of this circumstance, the links between productions and consumption are diverse and consist of elements of technology and heterogeneous socioeconomic producers, suppliers, and consumers (Lindenmann 3).
In the current, very dynamic and multifaceted business environment, the importance of a product and its reinforcement is one of the key areas in the spotlight. The large, modern Middle East markets such as Saudi Arabia also show that significant further long-term growth is potentially high. This report sets out the market position of Philadelphia (philly – world-renowned cream cheese) cheese spread in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Philadelphia is a billion-dollar brand by Kraft.
Philadelphia cheese spread is trying to break into the Middle East market. This report provides a background in which to view public ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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