The Usefulness of Marketing for Media and Entertainment Companies such as Disney - Assignment Example

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Media and Entertainment sector is not an exclusion as for promoting brand-new motion pictures, films, games and other entertainment activities businesses…
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The Usefulness of Marketing for Media and Entertainment Companies such as Disney
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Download file to see previous pages Marketing in a media and entertainment industry is a very useful tool in promoting new brand products as well as building of the overall brand’s image. There are many different forms of marketing promotions used, including : trailers, TV commercials, print advertisements, promotional and street marketing, internal marketing, and partnership marketing. Below is provided a brief overview of each of these marketing techniques.
Trailers, TV commercials and print advertisements are the core advertisements of a motion picture industry (Federal Trade Commission 2000). Trailers represent a unique form of advertising whereas the theatres show the trailers of the studions for no additional payment. These trailers are shown in the theaters either with particular feature, or with a particular feature thus reaching the studio’s target audience (Federal Trade Commission 2000). Trailers appear in the theaters, TV commercials, and Internet six months to a year before the film actually opens (Federal Trade Commission 2000). Advertising through outdoor banners, and print media such as magazines and newspapers also appear long before actual opening and enables the studios to generate greater interest in a film (Federal Trade Commission 2000).
In addition to the above listed promotional activities the studios often use radio advertising to generate interest in film. Even though it is used less extensively than TV advertising, it is an integral part of many advertising campaigns (Federal Trade Commission 2000). Street marketing is also a popular way of promoting the media and entertainment products through a distribution of a variety of promotional materials, including : "coming soon" banners, postcards, window displays, posters , flyers, locker posters, key chains, t-shirts, hats, cassette and CD samplers, "scratch and win" promotions, posters at buildings and bus stop benches, etc. (Federal Trade Commission 2000).
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