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Starbucks Structure - Case Study Example

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This paper will attempt to answer questions related to the case study on Starbucks. From 1971, Starbucks has become a leader in the café industry with roasted coffee. A number of retailers have tried to duplicate Starbucks’ success. Still, Starbucks continued to be the leader of the pack. …
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Starbucks Structure
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Download file to see previous pages This paper highlights that Starbucks prides itself in employing people who like the company’s product: coffee. The company does not advertise for servers but for baristas or bar persons. Together with the coffee they love, a barista stays behind the counter. The Starbucks employee is expected to prepare beverages, provide friendly service to customers and come up with ideas to improve operations. An applicant must have at least a high school diploma. He or she must have worked at least six months in the food and beverage industry. He or she must also be outgoing, confident, able to multi-task and enjoy coffee. Because it has expanded globally Starbucks should employ departmentalization by geographic region. This type of departmentalization is appropriate for organizations with different locations. This type allows “managerial efforts that address territorial differences” as one strategy which had worked for one branch may not be suitable for the other branches in another part of the world.
As the discussion declares the form should not be changed in stores with lunches and food products. Although departmentalization by product or customer may seem appropriate for these Starbucks stores because food products and lunches are not available in all stores, I think departmentalization by geographic area already provides enough flexibility to the store managers, district managers and vice presidents to make decisions they think would be beneficial for their stores. Taking the example of stores with lunches and food products, the group specific to the Asian region may take note that unlike people in the Western region, their customers prefer having rice or noodles for lunch rather than bread. As such, they should try to cater to this demand rather than go against a culturally staple item.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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