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Employee Relations - Human Resources Questions - Book Report/Review Example

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It happens in cases where the employers demand union representation (Budd, 2013). Employees cannot be punished or threatened because they support a union…
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Employee Relations - Human Resources Questions
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Download file to see previous pages The rights of workers deal with pay, conditions of the work place and the benefits that the worker gets. Workers should be allowed to join the various labor organizations. Such organizations advocate for the rights of their members. Most countries have failed to cooperate with the many international and local labor organization. Regulations promoted by such organizations have resulted to limited job opportunities. Labor rights are an addition to human rights. Prominent personalities such as Karl Marx are believed to have changed the rights of the workers to the better. In the United States, workers’ rights change from time to time. Politics, collective bargaining, and contracts influence the policies that govern labor.
The four schools of thought on employment relationships are critical industrial relations school, industrial relations school, mainstream economic school and the human management school. Mainstream economic school deals with activities of workers and firms who interact together in markets that are competitive. It advocate for a competition that is free. However, unions are considered labor markets that control labor supply and hinder free market type of competition. The government’s role in this school is to promote competition. Human resource management school believes that labor problems arise due to poor management. Poor leadership and politics of interest can result to labor policies that do not benefit the worker. Firms should better their training and selection method so as to motivate the employees (Budd, 2013). The school believes that labor unions affect the good relationship that exists between the employees and the employer.
According to industrial relations school, the problems that affect workers originate from unbalanced bargaining power between a worker and the cooperation. The market is characterized by bargaining and not competition. A system of labor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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