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Philly Pretzel Factorys C.E.O - Assignment Example

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This research paper will analyze Philly Pretzel Factory’s C.E.O Mr. Dan Dizio. “Undercover Boss” is a television series showing how named C.E.Os take undercover titles in order to find out how employees and clients perceive about their Companies…
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Philly Pretzel Factorys C.E.O
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"Philly Pretzel Factorys C.E.O"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that delivering and producing pretzels are some of the tasks assigned. In this job position, the owner of the store Mr. Bill together with the wife struggle to meet the bills. Mr. Bill uses his personal car to deliver goods, leaving pretzels at locations using honor systems hoping that they would be bought by people who consume them. In order to make ends meet, Bill came up with a new pretzel sandwich against the franchise policies. This job requires good marketing skills This job requires daily delivery of pretzels to various locations within the city. They do many rounds per day and going up and down the stairs with boxes. This job requires a strong person who is able to lift and carry heavy boxes several times a day. Both jobs are cumbersome and the organize does offer enough compensation. In both cases, the employees are struggling to make ends meet. In the Franchise job, the couple struggles to pay their bills, such that they use their personal vehicle and invent a new product out of the pretzel, in an effort to make as many sales as possible. The Franchiser says that he had asked for corporate help many times to no avail. Mr. Bill the franchiser complains that he was not taught how to make pretzels and the directions he was given were too vague to understand. This called for various experiments before he could get it right. In both jobs, they are not provided with a medical cover, regardless of how dangerous their jobs are. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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