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How does al etihad company benefit from the employment from overseas graduates - Research Proposal Example

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This proposed research study will intend to identify the importance as well as benefits of recruiting overseas graduates as employees in Al Etihad Company. Notably, companies including Al Etihad have to operate in an immensely competitive business environment owing to which,…
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How does al etihad company benefit from the employment from overseas graduates
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Extract of sample "How does al etihad company benefit from the employment from overseas graduates"

Download file to see previous pages al., 2013). Subsequently, the proposed study will help identifying how the company will be benefitted from recruiting skilled and talented graduates of the overseas labour market. This outcome of the proposed study will be crucial in determining a better set of workforce that can contribute towards the sustainable existence of the overall business (Gold Bars Worldwide, 2013).
A better understanding of the research topic can be gained from the brief analysis of secondary sources. As per Chandramohan (2008), HRM ensures proper and productive management of the resources in businesses, deemed as the most vital assets required for the sustainability of any organisation (Chandramohan, 2008). Correspondingly, Sims (2012) argued that proper HRM ultimately leads to business success since well-managed employees work efficiently and with utmost productivity towards attaining the business goals. However, prior to the application of the HRM principles, effective recruitment of productive members is important to build an effective set of workforce (Dowling & et. al., 2008). As per the report of CBI (2013), employing graduates from overseas markets not only enhances workplace diversity but also helps companies in the global markets to tackle cultural differences amid customers in an efficient manner. It is through this mechanism that by recruiting skilled and education candidates from numerous regions, companies can ensure compliance with the modern day challenges of diversity and continuous changes (CBI, 2013). As per the study of Hoo & et. al. (2009), in the presence of graduates from the overseas markets, companies are able to better exploit the potentials of the overseas markets and gain better share in the international markets (Hoo & et. al., 2009). Besides, as Al Etihad is among the fastest growing players in Gold and Silver refinery industries, the company requires highly skilled and technically sound employees, capable of dealing with such on-the-job ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Does Al Etihad Company Benefit from the Employment from Overseas Research Proposal.
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