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It is an aspect of human development where the identity of a person is developed in the entire life and occurs when an one begins to be…
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One paragraph
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Human Resource Essay Lecturer: Career Development is a continuous process of learning; managing work and leisure in order achieve personal goals and ambitions in future. It is an aspect of human development where the identity of a person is developed in the entire life and occurs when an one begins to be aware of ways in which others make a living, and advances as one decides on what of occupation to explore in life, get prepared for it, applies for a job and continue to advance on it. It may also include changing jobs and careers. On the other hand, Human Resource Development is a framework for assisting employees nurture their personal, organizational skills, abilities and knowledge. It include but not limited to such opportunities like training, career development, coaching, succession planning, mentoring, performance management and development, tuition assistance, identification of key employees and organizational development. Human Resource Management is a function within an organization that is aimed at maximizing the performance of employees and is majorly concerned with how people are managed within the organization. Human resource management is majorly in charge of career development and human resource development within the organization Read More
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