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Strategic Human Resource Development - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Strategic Human Resource Development” the author analyzes the key drivers in generating a team of employees that can be able to work together to keep the brand recognition intact. The usefulness of examining the key goals is associated with the normative models of human resource management…
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Strategic Human Resource Development
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Extract of sample "Strategic Human Resource Development"

Download file to see previous pages As the stewards of the human capital, the human resource department takes a key role in creating the necessary flexibility required for the optimal performance of State Farm in the industry it operations are based. The department enhances organizational effectiveness and survival in the human capital pool with a broad array of skills as well as developing human resource systems that can be adapted quickly.
Coordination flexibility at State Farm goes to the extent the human resource practices can be adapted and applied across a variety of situations where more generally applicable human resource practice is across jobs and situations, the more easily it can be adapted to a particular situation. Management by objectives is a performance appraisal technique favoring majority of job situations due to its flexibility and can be effectively used at State Farm. It is a behaviorally anchored rating system that generally reflects a particular job in a particular setting and therefore is more limited to an application potential across organizations.
The increased use of multiple sources of the human capital, as a described, State Farm will need to either develop more generalizable centralized human resource practices or allow more centralized practices that meet specific situational conditions but operate within general organizational parameters.
Increasing Diversity and Creating Competitive Advantage at State Farm
The dynamics of change in the labor market are two way due to the flexibility of the working practices. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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