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Resource Creation and Evaluation - Essay Example

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Resource Creation and Evaluation Name: Course: Masters in Physics Professor: Institution: City and State: Year: Last Semester Learning Area: Electrical Resistance URL: Table of Contents Introduction 3 Needs Assessment 3 Interactive learning via online Blackboard 4 A brief lesson plan 5 How online Blackboard will achieve the learning outcomes 6 How online Blackboard is linked to Australian curriculum 7 Justification and evaluation of the online Blackboard 7 Online Blackboard effectiveness 7 Conclusion 11 Introduction Many technological dawns have been witnessed in the past thirty years…
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Resource Creation and Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages Increased use of internet provides an opportunity for interactive learning environment. In this vein, innovations such as Blackboard, Angel and WebCT have been found to support interactive learning environment (Samaras et al., 2006). Such innovations are used when chatting between students and their instructors, to receive assignments, view grades and remain connected to the learning institution. In addition, they have allowed teachers an opportunity to teach in an interactive learning environment. The development of such new technologies and increased research has transformed the way people think. Further, emergence of interactive teaching platforms has led educators to transform the ways in which they teach their students. This study will focuses on the use of online Blackboard to teach Physics to second year high school students. Needs Assessment With recent technological advances, the educational systems continue to adjust in order to meet the present societal needs. The fact that knowledge users are required to incorporate technology to befit present societal demands has brought additional responsibilities to producers of such knowledge. A decade ago, a glance at the Australian curricula revealed an inward looking system of education that was limited to classroom environment where a teacher and a group of students held discussions (Wieman & Perkins, 2005).. However, this mode of learning has proved ineffective particularly for science subjects that involve concepts. This notion has affirmed the traditional system of education inadequate and the existing educational materials hardly enough to meet the present education demands. To fill the existing gap, curriculum developers have come up with various online platforms that allow students to use the search engine to access diverse learning materials interact with instructors’ online, book and sit their examinations, make enquiries through chatting with fellow students and instructors among many others. Interactive learning via online Blackboard Evidently, use of online blackboard has greatly enhanced teaching Physics in high school. This is because it creates an opportunity of having visual illustrations that are critical for mastering the subject. Such online illustrations not only enables students to understand, but also allows them visual identification of diagrams hence ability to preserve them than they could have done in verbal descriptions. Further, such demonstrations highlight physics concepts leaving students to give physical explanations. Interestingly, this mode of learning commands attentiveness from the audience. In teaching Physics, the online Blackboard can be used in numerous ways. For instance, it has been used in Physics laboratory curricula since it provides real-time access to data required for the experiment. Unlike the traditional methods, a student can watch a real event as it is performed experimentally. Further, the Blackboard has also proved helpful during interactive lectures. The online Blackboard enables teachers to plan and teach Physics as well as instructing students using integrated technology. On ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Resource Creation and Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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