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What motivates and inspires you?

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I guess this is something more personal, than general. You never know what can appear encouraging for the other person, and it might, in turn, not inspire you at all. But I agree that the experience of other people might be helpful (why not?), so I will gladly share my tips and tricks with you.

It is also important to know what you need motivation for? To study? To write an essay? To choose your future profession? For the methods are completely different for each of them.

But let me understand your question like you look for inspiration and motivation to complete a hard task (like studying or writing a boring essay). Being lazy and procrastinate hard or tedious tasks is something everybody does from time to time. So, first of all, try to understand yourself and do not feel guilty for that. It would take too many nerves and energy and won’t bring you anything.

When I am out of my inspiration to study (or something similar), I try to define whether I am tired or not. If it is the end of the day, you are probably out of all your resources. The best thing you can do then is to go to sleep. For endless trying to make yourself complete one more task will end up in no significant result and more fatigue, so you will not be able to perform the work the next day. Give yourself time to have a proper rest. It is always important.

The second step (in case I am not tired and feel myself well) I go watching motivation speeches, mostly TED talks. When I hear successful people sharing their experience, adding some humor and life stories, I get so much energy; I can do practically everything. And the thing that I love most about TED talks is that they have a speech on almost any topic that might bother my mind.

The other thing I might do is related to writing papers. When I lack on ideas and need some inspiration, I go on reading the papers of other students. It helps, for sometimes they write better than I do and have more fresh ideas on the topic - and I want to be as good as they are. It motivates me to work harder. But sometimes they write worse than I do, and I kinda rase my self-esteem. It helps to feel the flow and write the essay fully inspired.

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Everyone has one particular thing that motivates and inspires them.

For instance, bodybuilders look themselves in the mirror and get motivated and inspired.

Students compare with their classmates and get motivated in achieving good ranks

Sometimes nature will inspire and motivate you


If there is nothing to motivate then question yourself "What am i till now and what i need to do?"

This is the the best motivation ever


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