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Pleasure involves Fun, Teasing and Sensuality. Those who tally high on these requirements are not only easygoing and fun seeking, but also thoughtless (Barrett, 2009). Since preference is their main…
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Illustrate techniques that influence performance
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Motivation Test Motivation and Needs Test Someone with robust pleasure needs can be described in different perspectives. Pleasure involves Fun, Teasing and Sensuality. Those who tally high on these requirements are not only easygoing and fun seeking, but also thoughtless (Barrett, 2009). Since preference is their main quest, they dont believe that life should be taken seriously (Barrett & Williams, 2004). According to them, every day should be a day off. They much aspire for play than labor and consider weekends and vacation time as the crucial rewards (Miner, 2011). They are funny and enjoy snickering at their individual practical witticisms and clownish demonstrations, especially at events where they can amuse jovial guests. These are personalities who like to be sensually animated and sexually roused. They regard eroticism as an abundant source of pleasure and prompt their romanticism through cuddling, tenderness and amorous care. They enjoy living one day at a time and prefer interruption to solemn work.
Career Motivation Test
These incoporate people motivated by Financial Incentive strive for a huge pay-off that comes as the fruit of their labor. They need to feel that their income and benefits equal the value of the time and energy they invest in their work. While it is a shared motivator, most people identify with high income earners, (those who do not want to work for peanuts), these individuals place more importance on remuneration than the average worker. This is not to say they are only after the big bucks; their main concern is having the money to afford a specific lifestyle that gives them the drive to succeed. They are willing to invest themselves, but will not do so without significant pay-off (Pandey, 2005). Apart from a desire to make an extremely high salary within a short time to feel happy upon employment, they would also want to see the long-term reward for the personal investment they put into their career.
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