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Workforce Motivation - Essay Example

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The productivity of a construction workforce can be low because of many reasons. It could be because of incompetence on part of the management and supervisors, lack of good communication and de-motivated employees. Motivation is largely responsible for low productivity (Construction labor Motivation, 1989)…
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Workforce Motivation
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Workforce Motivation

Download file to see previous pages... There are three fundamental foundations of productivity namely labor, management and technology. (Gonzalez, 1991) Various techniques can be adopted by the management that will yield more efficient employees. The job of site workshop is very monotonous, little innovation is involved and is for a long period. The workers might prefer more mobility and variety. This results in reduced morale and turnover of the site workforce. (Construction labor Motivation, 1989) The first step that the company needs to take is to find out what motivates their employees. It is often assumed that the same factors motivate everyone but in reality different people are motivated by different factors. For example, for Jack, money might be the most important motivational factor but for Jane, recognition might motivate her.
How does one find out what motivates their employees One simple way of doing this can be through questionnaires. These questionnaires could include questions that would ask employees what they are happy with and what de-motivates them. But care must be taken when designing the questionnaire are the questions should be such that will enable the employees to give the most accurate answers.
Once the results have been analyzed, practical action must be taken to improve efficiency. By practical action it is meant that the action should be such that will yield more benefits than the costs. ...
According to him, the hierarchy of needs is survival needs, safety needs, social needs, self esteem needs and self actualization need. Only when the most basic need of survival is fulfilled, one will aim to fulfill the next level need.
The management can employ a few strategies that will increase productivity. The most important factor that gives an individual job satisfaction is a fair level of pay. This is extremely important and money is usually the foremost motivator. The pay must also be paid on time so that the workers have a feeling of trust with the management. (Harris, McCaffe & Edum, 2006)
Secondly, what's very important is giving health and safety assurance to the workforce or employees, especially in the construction industry. The job that the workforce will be doing is usually unsafe and if the right methods are not followed, it could result in disasters. If training is required before starting with a particular task, training must be given. This training will only motivate the workforce if they are assured that this training will benefit them in future. Once the workers feel safe working at the sit, they will be motivated to work harder. The workers must also be provided with good and latest facilities at the site. (Harris, McCaffe & Edum, 2006)
The management must set goals. This motivates the employees to work hard and achieve this. But the employees must accept the goal first in order to be motivated to work hard. Now the question is why will the employees work hard Once the goal is achieved, the workforce will be provided with either monetary or non-monetary benefits. The thought of gaining the benefits will motivate the workforce to complete projects on time. For example if a team of workforce knows that once they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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