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Organisation Design and Organisation Delivery - Research Paper Example

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The discussion illustrates different applications of mechanization processes of mental labor that the author has experienced within the sales and marketing as well as financial activities of Great Wall Life Insurance Company. It also evaluates the effectiveness of mechanization of mental labor. …
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Organisation Design and Organisation Delivery
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Download file to see previous pages The mechanization of mental labor has been initiated during the late 20th century with the development of information technology. The mechanization of mental labor can be described as the process of replacement of human labor and intelligence with the assistance of the information technology and computerized processes (Kuskey, 2014). Mental labor can also be termed as informational labor which can be recognized both as an independent activity as well as an adjunct to obtain physical control over different organizational work environment. According to Shieber, (2013), with the assistance of machinery, human labors can perform a wide range of actions as well as can create a number of innovative product and processes which might have been absolutely impossible without the assistance of the mechanization and technologies. The mechanization of mental labor has enabled different industries and organizations of the 21st century to increase the efficiencies of their operations and human resources while it has reduced or replaced the mental labor of a huge part of the workforces (Levy and Murnane, 2012). The organization is a life insurance service providing company which is situated in Chengdu, China (Lu, et al., 2014). In further discussion, I will also evaluate my experiences in terms of the distinctions between the mechanized processes and human mental labor. The discussion of the study will detail the different types of human mental labor which can or cannot be mechanized. Finally, it will discuss the strategic distribution of mental labor within the machine process and the human labor of the organization.
Data warehousing and data mining are the most used mechanization procedure that I have encountered in the everyday life of the marketing and sales division of Great Wall Life Insurance Company that has been reduced as well as have replaced the mental labor of the workforces within the organization.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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