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This piece of work will mainly talk about what we mean by the term motivation, how to motivate groups, what is entailed in motivation, different kinds of motivation, how motivation affects individuals and various theories that talk about motivation. Different ways of assessing…
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Group Motivation
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Group Motivation Introduction This piece of work will mainly talk about what we mean by the term motivation, how to motivate groups, what is entailed in motivation, different kinds of motivation, how motivation affects individuals and various theories that talk about motivation. Different ways of assessing motivation and feedback will also be viewed. This paper will prove a lot about motivation for instance, motivating individuals by satisfying the needs using Maslow’s hierarchy of wants. Another issue the paper will address is motivating different kinds of personality and how to assess the feedback from motivation.
All workers in any organization always want something to keep them going. Normally, salaries and wages are always enough to keep workers. These employees should be motivated to work and if this is absent there is always cause deterioration in work output or the work quality. Same to motivation of an audience where both hard sell and soft sell takes place. Incentives on workers ’salaries motivate them intrinsically and an urge to work more hard is seen. According to Mc Gregory theory x and y human being must be motivated to work. Maslow’s’ theory also emphasizes motivation out of satisfaction of human needs to the highest level of satisfaction. A personal life experience is when youths in a community are told to volunteer to clean their environment only a few people show up but when there is motivation in form of wages the turn up will be more than expected.
In a nutshell, motivation deals more with human cognitive levels. This is explained by conditioning a human being by introduction of motivators of different levels. Generally people are motivated by provision of what creates a sense of satisfaction.
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