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Nurse as a team member communication, change process, group process - Research Paper Example

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How a group interacts have got direct inclination on the success of its objectives. The Indian Red Cross society plays a number of functions to avert and respond to the humanitarian crises. They from time to time peach…
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Nurse as a team member communication, change process, group process
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Download file to see previous pages Prepare for disasters and general health care in the community.
Developing internal understanding among group members as they contribute positively to save lives in areas that have just been hit by disasters. This involves the commitment to selflessness and to save and rescue as many victims of the disaster as possible. Bodies that have not survived disasters to be handled with decency and to make sure they are identified (Ott, 2007).
8:00 am Commencement of the rescue operation.(The injured are transferred to the health camp within for first aid, ambulances on standby to rush the most serious cases to the hospital for further medical assessment.
N/B: The entire operation does not stop when this group winds up. Another group comes in to work in the night session if at all the rescue process is very demanding.However,night sessions only apply in very serious disasters. Normally reinforcement is usually very necessary.
The director took the general leadership role. He however delegated supervisory role to the coordinators who fore saw the operations carried out by each group division. Leadership in this instance is characterized by a lot of team consultation. The director makes his decisions based on the feedback from the assisting staff and coordinators. Decisions made also depend on emerging situations that may arise in the camp in the sense that some cases require much emergency response than the others (Northouse, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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