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Strategic Change and Quality Improvement Name Institutional Affiliation Strategic Change and Quality Improvement Introduction The change process that could be implemented in one’s work setting is deemed part of evidence-based practice through the use of multidisciplinary teams in treating patients with chronic illnesses…
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Strategic change and quality improvement
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Download file to see previous pages 9-10). In a study conducted by Codispoti, Douglas, McCallister, & Zuniga (2004), the use of multidisciplinary teams evidently improved patient care through: improved satisfaction and management of patients; establishment of collaborative teamwork; forging effective team communication; enforcing regular patient monitoring and follow-up; and use of electronic records or other improved patient care systems (Codispoti, Douglas, McCallister, & Zuniga, 2004, p. 201). Still, in another discourse, the use of multidisciplinary teams to improve primary care was also found to be effective (Cote, et al., 2002). In this regard, the current discourse hereby aims to propose the implementation of using multidisciplinary teams in the health care setting. The paper would initially present the rationale for the proposed change; prior to detailing the benefits that the change could generate for the health care institution. Likewise, the group and members who should initiate or lead in the proposed change process would be determined and presented in terms of their significant contribution to the recommended transformation. A proposed timeline would also be structured, in conjunction with an evaluation process which aims to determine the gauge or measure for the proposed change’s success. ...
Thus, it could be deduced that the symptoms that were initially relayed were addressed; but not comprehensively to encompass other possible avenues for recurrence or deterioration of health conditions. Therefore, rather than seeing just an attending physician to address the illness; it was evident that other members of the professional team could have been needed to provide medical advice and improve patient care. A multidisciplinary team is defined as consisting of “psychiatrists, clinical nurse specialists/community mental health nurses, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, medical secretaries, and sometimes other disciplines such as counsellors, drama therapists, art therapists, advocacy workers, care workers and possibly others not listed” (College of Psychiatrists of Ireland, n.d., p. 1). The definition was corroborated in the study conducted by Ababat, Asis, Bonus, DePonte, & Pham (2013) who emphasized that “multidisciplinary care conferences, have been defined as planning and evaluating patient care with health professionals from a variety of other health disciplines. Key activities that can be integrated into interdisciplinary rounds (IDRs) include summarizing patient health data, identifying patient/family problems, defining goals, identifying interventions, discussing progress toward goals, revising goals and plans we needed, generating referrals, reviewing discharge plans, and clarifying responsibilities related to implementation of the plan” (p. 1). As such, the need for multidisciplinary teams have been stressed to encompass a wider scope of patient care through covering varied disciplines and a more comprehensive health care. Concurrently, external factors which support ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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