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Srategic Quality Management Implementation Plan - Assignment Example

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Name Tutor Institution Subject Code Citigroup Inc. is a registered Bank in the United States of America. Citigroup Inc. is the third largest group in the USA with a very large network across nearly 140 republics and over 15,000 offices. Formed from the merger of Citicorp and Travelers’ Group, it is one of largest multinational financial corporation (Peratec, 1995)…
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Srategic Quality Management Implementation Plan
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Extract of sample "Srategic Quality Management Implementation Plan"

Download file to see previous pages Citigroup Inc. has always made an effort to marshal as much support as possible to derive a consensus necessary to implement the SQM applicable. The effort would take longer to put in place, but at least it would be moving forward. In some settings, it is often difficult to get consensus on minor issues, and it is almost impossible on change initiatives which impact the whole organization (Peratec, 1995). To move forward the management must develop and distribute an improvement plan which is integrated into the strategic plan for the business. To be the most successful, an excellence or quality initiative should be an integral part of strategic and tactical operations of the business hence the Strategic Quality Management Assess Current Culture, Values and Operating Guidelines Citigroup Inc. uses quality information for improvement, and not to judge or control people, there are rewards for results, authority is equal to responsibility while cooperation, not competition, as a base for working together. Employees have an ownership stake, secure jobs and a climate of fairness. Top most is that compensation is equitable (Peratec, 1995). ISO9000 Broadly ISO9000 series concerns itself with the quality management purpose and it is as such the main focus in ensuring gradual and/or continuous improvement as a process as recognized in this firm. ISO9000 is concerned with quality management. To be able to meet the demands of ISO9000, an organization has to improve quality in at each stage, from design through to delivery, assessment and evaluation, through a formal and rigorous management system to ensure conformity of the product or service to its specification as per the customer wish. It requires that all the activities necessary to produce the product or service be documented if the quality system is to conform to the standard. Everybody in the firm needs to understand its implications and to work to the systems and follow the procedures that have been put in place. The SQM model There is interplay, back and forth, between the elements; for example, consideration of what strategic actions if taken can provoke discussions of whether and how the strategy can be implemented with real effectiveness (Peratec, 1995). The tasks involved in strategic management are never isolated from everything else that falls within a manager's preview. Strategy has to be formulated and implemented in the midst of a managerial schedule that is fragmented with appointments, meetings, paperwork deadlines, unexpected problems, and momentary crises. It is incorrect to construe the job of managing strategy as the exclusive task of managers, even though it may well be the most important function they perform where organizational success or failure is concerned (Peratec, 1995). Formulating and implementing strategy must be regarded as something that is ongoing and that evolves. What qualifies as a surefire high-performance strategy today is sooner or later rendered stale by events unfolding both inside and outside the enterprise. The task of "strategizing" can never therefore be a one-time exercise. As a consequence, fine-tuning-type changes in strategic plans, and an occasional major change in strategic thrust, are normal and expected. The need to keep strategy in tune with an organization's changing situation makes the strategic management process dynamic and means that the prevailing strategy is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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