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Preferred future, what changes do you forsee as an advanced practice nurse. Relate it to health care reform - Essay Example

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As the modern health care organization begins to recognize the importance of developing human capital to achieve quality and improvement,…
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Preferred future, what changes do you forsee as an advanced practice nurse. Relate it to health care reform
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Extract of sample "Preferred future, what changes do you forsee as an advanced practice nurse. Relate it to health care reform"

Download file to see previous pages In order to be a quality-focused pediatric nurse practitioner capable of maximizing patient care and building staff unity, the nurse must take a leadership role within the organization in order to drive improvements.
With health care reform currently on the forefront of society’s consciousness, it will be even more important to develop sound leadership skills in order to assist in this change process and also to improve relationships with patients of different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The future of health care, after potential reform, will change the methods by which nurses conduct their job role responsibilities. However, since this reform has not yet been built into solid legislation, it would be appropriate to compare this potential future for nurses with a preferred future to discuss how best to build a more effective organization. The future of nursing will require an individual with the ability to bridge gaps between colleagues, managers and patients in order to adjust to new health care reform-driven changes.
Health care reform is going to mean new demands for pediatric nurse practitioners, especially in terms of how management and nurses interact. Health care reform is going to change the process of controls within the organization, requiring more unity between different professional ranks of the business. In order to facilitate quality relationships of this type, the nurse “must be a diplomat, helping people get past their conflicts with one another and facilitate their working together” (Grossman and Valiga, 2009, p.138). Unfamiliar changes to health care delivery, imposed by the potential new reform policy, are going to create different reactions from colleagues and superiors. In some instances, these changes may be so radically-different from current operations that members of the organization try to resist these changes through lack ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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