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The author of the essay "Machiavelli's Most Important Goal of Politics: Power" tries to describe Machiavelli's theories regarding politics through the deep analysis of his most famous books called "The Prince" and "Discourses on Livy"…
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Machiavellis Most Important Goal of Politics: Power
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Download file to see previous pages Machiavelli said that the main goal in the field of politics was to pursue power and this view point of his is frequently mentioned in both of his widely read books.
It was because of his intimate knowledge of how a land is run that Machiavelli sided with how important power actually was. For him, the man with all the power was important but what was required of him was his skill in maintaining it and keeping stability in whatever was under his control. Power could be bought or earned, either way, the person became responsible for all that, all those who were under him. He could be careless or too nice, either way, he would be harming the people serving him, letting them go off their own way. He should be assertive and commanding enough to make those who are uncaring do what is right for the general public. Even if some people were hurt along the way, it was the majority which mattered at the end of the day, some sacrifices had to be made. This may sound cold hearted to some, but the one thing which Machiavelli was is practical. In fact, he rather wished that the public would blindly follow all the orders passed on by those with power since they were supposed to be for their own good. Questions should not be asked as they would only bring up confusion and doubts in the minds of the people, leading to the control of the one in power to weaken, and that could only result in the whole land being negatively affected. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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