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Alternative Solutions to Medical Testing on Animals - Article Example

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Such experiments occur in institutions of learning such as high schools and universities. Others occur in defense establishments, medical schools, farms, pharmaceutical…
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Alternative Solutions to Medical Testing on Animals
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Download file to see previous pages An ethical principle that guides the use of alternative methods to animal testing encourages the replacement, reduction and refinement as an effective way of minimizing animal suffering while safeguarding biological experiments thereby proposing ethical alternatives as the discussion below portrays.
One of such alternatives is cell cultures (Maguire and Eric 121). This refers to the process of growing both human and animal cells in cultures thereby providing scientists with an opportunity to carry their tests effectively. Psychological egoism is among the ethical theories that continue to propagate for the alternative. According to the theory, explains that self-interests often motivate most of the human actions. Scientists and biologists cause immense pain, suffering and even death to other animals in their desire to make inventions thereby enhancing the profits they acquire from such (Watson 66). The theory therefore encourages the use of cells, which provides the scientists with similar platform to carry scientific researches while saving animals from the immense pain.
Objectivism is yet another ethical concept that encourages the use of alternatives to animal testing. The concept explains that reality exists independently of consciousness. As such, humans can acquire knowledge from inductive logic and concept formation. Additionally, the concept explains that pursuing one’s happiness is the moral purpose of life. Using animals in scientific experiments provides humans with an opportunity to develop knowledge. However, the concept encourages the use of other safer and painless ways of doing the same. Dissecting animals is often a bloody affair that most people abhor (Monamy 78). The theory therefore encourages methods that enhance personal happiness and does not cause doubts in the minds of the scientists. Reciprocal altruism further advances the thought for a safer and painless ways ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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