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How are Meat-Based Recipes Adapted for Vegetarians - Research Paper Example

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The writer of the paper "How are Meat-Based Recipes Adapted for Vegetarians?" suggests that adapting meat-based recipes for vegetarians requires insight and knowledge about the nature and chemical reactions of the ingredients being replaced and the ones that are being added to the original recipes. …
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How are Meat-Based Recipes Adapted for Vegetarians
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Extract of sample "How are Meat-Based Recipes Adapted for Vegetarians"

Download file to see previous pages However, upon heating, this bond is broken and proteins break down into amino acids and react with other chemicals. The difference in flavors between the original and the adapted recipes for vegetarians is noticeable, which is explained by Maillard reactions in the following way. In the Maillard reactions, the amino acids can come from any proteins and the sugars from any carbohydrates. In the first stage of the reactions, the proteins and carbohydrates are degraded into smaller sugars and amino acids. Next the sugar rings open and the resulting aldehydes and acids react with the amino acids to produce a wide range of chemicals. These new molecules then react amongst themselves to produce the main flavor compounds. Consider the adaptation of the chicken-stock recipe for vegetarians. The most apparent feature of chicken stock is “the unctuous texture that comes from glycerin, a protein found largely in bones.” The same effect can be achieved by roasting vegetables in olive oil first and then adding water. As oil is not soluble in water, therefore, the oil molecules will appear as droplets on the surface of the vegetable stock, similar to that of chicken stock.
Take another example of adapting the recipe of beef-burger for vegetarians. As beef naturally contains fat, therefore, it is easy to shape minced beef into a burger patty. However, minced vegetables must rely on a binding agent like an egg to take the form of a patty. In this case, beaten eggs also act as an alternate source of proteins in the adapted recipe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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