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Is Marijuana a Dangerous Drug Psychology Coursework
8 pages (2456 words) , Download 1 , Coursework
Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the world. It is taken both for pleasurable and therapeutic purposes. Whatever may be the cause for the intake of this drug, the highly addictive nature of this drug is the cause for its illicit taboo. Marijuana intake is often related to several factors, the most important of which is psychotic disorder.
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Psychological vs Pharmacological Interventions for Anxiety Disorder Psychology Assignment
9 pages (2680 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
Anxiety disorders differ in sense of symptoms and appropriate treatment, and the comparison of pharmaceutical vs. psychological intervention shows different results in cases of separation anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic disorder. My conclusion will be the following: medications are likely to normalize neural system functioning and remove negative symptoms.
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Art, Mourning and Psychoanalysis Psychology Essay
10 pages (2674 words) , Download 1 , Essay
In undertaking an examination of John Everett Millais’ “Ophelia” and Tom Hunter’s “The Way Home”, it is necessary first to have an understanding of Freud’s theories of mourning and melancholia.  According to Freud, in his essay entitled “Mourning and Melancholia,” both of these emotions are a direct reaction to grief over the loss of a loved one.
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Personality Theory: Roger's Theory of Psychotherapy Psychology Term Paper
9 pages (2550 words) , Download 1 , Term Paper
It is the primary duty of a counselor to empathize with the client’s condition so that the person finds himself easy enough to disclose his problems properly to the counselor. Otherwise, there is a high possibility that the person will not disclose his problems and it will prevent the actual issue from being addressed properly. 
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Psychology in Nursing Aspects and Characteristics Psychology Case Study
7 pages (2495 words) , Download 1 , Case Study
The theories used for the interpretation of the role of nurses in the improvement of patients’ psychological condition can present many differentiations taking into account the conditions of each specific case, but also in accordance with the scientific principles developed through the years (different theoretical approaches could be used). 
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Why Do People Confess to Crimes They Did Not Commit Psychology Literature review
9 pages (2809 words) , Download 1 , Literature review
Eysenck (1964) concurs with Gudjonsson that innocent suspects that have certain personalities and characteristics are also more prone to suggestibility, and are thus more likely to give false statements and confess to crimes that they did not commit. According to Eysenck, introverts are capable of being conditioned more easily than extroverts.
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Bullying in Schools Psychology Research Proposal
11 pages (3444 words) , Download 1 , Research Proposal
 Most likely bullying is inbred in schools for perhaps as long as schools have existed. Recently, the systematic investigation has confirmed to be a pervasive phenomenon. However, in her discussion, Arehart-Treichel comments that parents and teachers have become more determined to have actions taken to stop severe bullying. Clearly, bullying can blight the lives of many pupils experiencing it.
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Psychology of Dreams or The Interpretation of Dreams Psychology Term Paper
8 pages (2086 words) , Download 1 , Term Paper
Being human, I have had dreams of varying sorts. I have had reoccurring dreams concerning emotional problems that I was having during the time. I have experienced numerous lucid dreams, most of which I knew that I was dreaming but was unable to wake myself. One of these instances involved me being chased by someone. 
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A Critical Examination of Owen Flanagans Theory Psychology Case Study
7 pages (2137 words) , Download 1 , Case Study
Flanagan’s contention that dreams are experiences while sleeping and its attached theories that dreams are mere by-products of sleep not serving any purpose while sleep itself has the only function of stockpiling neurotransmitters for replenishment proved to be rather loose proposition in the light of recent findings in research.
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How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement Psychology Essay
8 pages (2000 words) , Download 1 , Essay
Ethical guidelines should be adhered to without fail when one is looking at intelligence and race.  No one should be made to feel inferior because they are not the race that people associate with being the most intelligent.  There is little that will change if we continue to view this debate as anything but irrational.  
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Power and Professional Relationships Psychology Essay
8 pages (2787 words) , Download 1 , Essay
Interprofessional power differentials may be directly acknowledged and confronted. Recognition οf power issues between psychologists and other health care professionals represent an important first step in ensuring that health care is improved rather than simply complicated by the psychologist's presence. The dynamics of οf professional relationships is probably difficult.
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Aviation Psychology Psychology Case Study
8 pages (2695 words) , Download 1 , Case Study
“Air rage” is a good example of workplace violence. Aside from causing psychological stress to affected airline passengers, “air rage” can lead to serious physical injuries caused by physical aggression. As a result, there have been cases wherein hundreds of other airline passengers can be stranded onboard. Eventually, this kind of situation can result in delays in the next flight schedules.
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Critical Assessment of Skills Required for Childrens Exercise Physiologist Psychology Essay
10 pages (2550 words) , Download 1 , Essay
In five years, I would have developed various physical fitness programs and worked with a lot of health and fitness professionals.  This network will greatly help me in putting up a centre that promotes physical fitness.  It may be a gym, a fitness school or a fitness clinic that provides various services that ensure good health. 
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Not Only Strengths but Also the Experience of Overcoming One's Weaknesses Makes a Person Happy Psychology Research Paper
8 pages (2323 words) , Download 1 , Research Paper
Positive Psychology developed as a result of a paradigm shift from traditional clinical Psychology which was predominantly preoccupied with the analysis and treatment of mental ailments. A new approach was employed that aimed at strengthening human character by developing the positive aspects and traits of the human mind.
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Psychological Impact of Change Management Initiatives Psychology Research Paper
8 pages (2146 words) , Download 1 , Research Paper
It is quite essential to state that the key to successful change management is to first get a strong and reliable project sponsor who will act as the change agent or support the individual(s) leading the change. This along with stakeholder involvement can be fruitful towards the success of the initiative.
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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey Psychology Book Report/Review
10 pages (2545 words) , Download 1 , Book Report/Review
Organizations require effective leadership because all of them are affected by their contexts, philosophies, governance structures, value systems, and the legal ground rules under which they operate. These are the forces and factors that control their leadership and management needs. In today’s world of competence, leadership is the most important aspect.
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Nature versus Nurture Debate Psychology Literature review
7 pages (1935 words) , Download 2 , Literature review
The “Nature versus Nurture” debate can come under explanation as an argument trying to understand whether people depicting certain behavior are born that way or made. It may be difficult to put a finger on one final answer and say with absolute certainty, that a man who is a compulsive liar became the way he is, and was not born like that, or vice versa.
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The Role of the Early Years Worker in the Protection of Children from Abuse Psychology Term Paper
11 pages (3530 words) , Download 1 , Term Paper
 Children are usually considered blessings from God.  The birth of a child is usually celebrated by the whole family and community.  The saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is true in most situations.  A child can be viewed as a symbol of a new chance at having to mold another human being into someone whose potentials are optimally realized. 
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Effects of Sexual Abuse on Post Trauma Adjustment Psychology Case Study
9 pages (3543 words) , Download 1 , Case Study
These ideas have been complemented by research suggesting that factors hypothesized to precipitate hopelessness (Abramson et al., 1999) are related to PTSD. Several studies have found that attributional style for negative events or event-specific attributions specified in the hopelessness theory are related to PTSD symptoms.
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The Efficacy of Cognitive, Behavioural and Social Methodologies in Child Development Psychology Coursework
8 pages (2000 words) , Download 1 , Coursework
It is quite essential to state that the cognitive psychologist’s primary focus on the internal thought processes causes clinical studies to be primarily adopted.  As has already been stated, these are more controlled but tend to lose effectiveness if conducted in the artificial laboratory surroundings.
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Interpretation in Terms of Adolescent Development Theories Psychology Essay
7 pages (2006 words) , Download 1 , Essay
Typical of Hispanic Americans, she is from a modest socioeconomic background. A set of questions were prepared to elicit information about Penelope regarding her physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social development. The essay is structured in such a way, that Penelope’s answers pertaining to a particular topic are grouped together.
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The Effects of Test Anxiety Psychology Assignment
7 pages (1760 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
 In order to study the effects of test anxiety, a group of 12 students (all Indians) was selected for a questionnaire. The test was structured in three main parts, out of which the first one was purely demographic, having the strict purpose of establishing the gender and the educational level but also the educational background of each of the interviewed students. 
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Effect of Video Games on Children Psychology Term Paper
7 pages (1985 words) , Download 1 , Term Paper
 Since video games were first released in the ’70s followed by the overwhelming popularity of stand-alone games in the 80s such Nintendo and the PC in the 90s games have taken the forefront of children’s entertainment (Ferguson 309). Modern children and fairly good number of adults spend hours every day engaged in playing video games.
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The Contributors of High Number of Suicide Psychology Term Paper
8 pages (2120 words) , Download 2 , Term Paper
Nature and reason that attribute to this matter will lay the basis of the discussion. Various factors have been attributed to these. The paper will focus majorly on these causes and the impact of each effect. A comparison will be done on how inmate suicides have been over the years. There has been a call among stakeholders.
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Constructionist Perspective on Family Violence Psychology Research Paper
9 pages (2479 words) , Download 1 , Research Paper
Violence among members of a family, whether initiated by the husband, wife or regarding deviant sibling behaviors is a complex and controversial issue.  Its causes and therapeutic solutions have garnered the attention of medical and psychiatric professionals as well as advocacy groups, social counselors, lawmakers and those that enforce the law.
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How Stress Affects Law Enforcement Officers Psychology Term Paper
8 pages (2231 words) , Download 2 , Term Paper
Law enforcement officers are important people in the society whose mandate extends to giving care and protecting the civilians. In order to do this, they undergo intense and appropriate training that equips them with adequate professional skills to enable them to make effective decisions and safeguard the wellbeing of society.
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Would Changing an Individual's Beliefs Improve Their Health Psychology Assignment
10 pages (2805 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
The widely accepted definition of health is given by World Health Organization (1948) in the preamble to its constitution, which is; ‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity’. In recent years the statement has been augmented to include the ability to lead a ‘socially and economically productive life’ (WHO, 1978).
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Understanding Children's Behavior Psychology Literature review
8 pages (2000 words) , Download 2 , Literature review
Both the psychosexual and the psychological theories of development, which were the brainchild Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson, respectively, both tackle the same topic but approach it from different perspectives. Erikson’s theory may have been influenced by Freud’s theory but the two theories differ in many different yet important ways (Sigelman & Shaffer, 1991).
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Role of Violence in Organized Crime Psychology Term Paper
8 pages (2305 words) , Download 1 , Term Paper
The concept of murder in organized crime has evolved due to vengeance and revenge killings which have contributed enormously to the act of murder and its consequences. In a criminal society, the group can achieve power through greater violence by annihilating competition amongst criminal groups and through murder.
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Counselling and Counselling Skills Psychology Term Paper
8 pages (2091 words) , Download 3 , Term Paper
Counseling can be defined as the service offered to an individual who is undergoing some problem, for instance emotional, or psychological problems, and needs professional assistance in order to overcome the problem. The kind of problems that requires counseling services is normally the problems that keep a person distressed.
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Entering a New Space and Meeting New Faces Psychology Essay
6 pages (1511 words) , Download 1 , Essay
There were people in my group that did not share much the previous year and were new to me. In addition to some new colleagues, there were others there who were part of my previous journey. The close physical space of the room that we sat in did not reflect the sense of open space that I felt around me.
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Using the Mobile Phone to Send a Text Message Whilst Driving Psychology Research Paper
16 pages (4742 words) , Download 2 , Research Paper
‘The Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB)’ is meant to provide a model in relation to intentional or planned human actions and their course. This model helps in explaining how human behaviour can be changed or guided. The basic concept is that human behavioural actions are controlled by personal attitudes, social pressures, and a sense of control. 
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Why Some Students Excel while others Struggle Psychology Assignment
7 pages (1850 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
This is a replication study of the original study titled ‘Metacognition as a Mediator of the Effect of Test Anxiety on a Surface approach to studying’ as a further attempt to comprehend the etiology behind success and failure of a student in any setting. 40 students were tested and the study came out to be not significantly different as compared to the original study.
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Child Knowledge and Intelligence Psychology Term Paper
7 pages (1979 words) , Download 1 , Term Paper
Two glasses of milk with the same and then different sizes but the same amount of milk are presented to a child and he is asked which one has more milk. Piaget’s theory of cognitive development explains how a child thinks at a specific age level and this conservation experiment will test that theory with a five-year-old boy as the subject.
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Answers to Questions from the Book Written by McCann Weiten Psychology Assignment
13 pages (3268 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
Forty-seven-year-old Jennifer has recently started tutoring students at the elementary school her own children attended many years ago. She enjoys being around the children and feels a great deal of satisfaction from her tutoring. Which crisis does Jennifer appear to be successfully resolving? Industry versus inferiority.
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A Case Study of Eyewitness Memory of a Crime by Yuille & Cutshall Psychology Article
6 pages (1596 words) , Download 1 , Article
The research is about a study of how witnesses can vary in presentation of facts regarding a similar case. It presents a case whereby there was a shooting and an individual was killed, one other person was seriously injured. This incident occurred in the broad day light where a number of witnesses were interviewed and only thirteen of them agreed to a research interview after the event.
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Structure of Motivational Interviewing Psychology Term Paper
8 pages (2227 words) , Download 2 , Term Paper
The author states that the objectives of this paper encompass the use of respective research and performance that will widen a greater understanding of a person-centered approach like a motivational interview. Intentions also cover the working of members in a group to generate more specific and detailed results.
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Drug Demand Reduction Psychology Term Paper
14 pages (3566 words) , Download 1 , Term Paper
To treat drug-addicts is not like the treatment of patients with cold or headache. Each addict is a special person and his problems are his own and they are quite intriguing. The broad rules of the treatment game, areas under but as you go on to treat more and more cases, the horizon of your experience will also expand.  
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Anxiety Disorder in Children Psychology Assignment
6 pages (1751 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
The author states that security is one of the most primal and comforting feelings an infant has and if this is interrupted in these early stages of development, the result may be an attachment disorder that will eventually lead to certain maladaptations to the future social experiences of the child. 
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Peer Pressure Issue Psychology Literature review
8 pages (2228 words) , Download 1 , Literature review
It is important to state that peer pressure is a real problem that is eating up moral decision making among most adolescents. There is a need for adults to understand the different elements of peer pressure so as to make informed decisions in intervening to combat negative peer pressure among young people.
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Why Is Oedipus Complex Important as a Source of Neuroses Psychology Term Paper
6 pages (1539 words) , Download 1 , Term Paper
Oedipus complex symbolizes the ideas and emotions kept in the unconscious, through dynamic repression, which deliberates upon the desire of a boy to relate sexually with the mother, or a girl desiring to relate with her father, a process known as Electra complex. Freud alleged the Oedipus usually is a wish for the opposite-sex parent in both sexes.
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Psychology of Gambling Addiction Psychology Research Paper
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 1 , Research Paper
Addicted gamblers are both a danger to themselves as they are to their families and the community at large. Many people have been found to have this problem but many still have not come out to the light to have this problem sorted out as they are still in denial while others are not aware that it is a problem   
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Level of Manners, Etiquette and Respect Psychology Essay
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 1 , Essay
The author explains that the Virtue Ethicist focuses on a personal character with the goal of achieving human excellence. In this regard, a Virtue Ethicist would have good manners as a critical and relevant character trait to give meaning to life’s existence. A Deontologist’s main focus is doing the right thing as a moral duty.
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Self-help Meetings and Clinical Analysis Psychology Research Paper
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 1 , Research Paper
A discussion on the rational recovery program will also be provided in an attempt to study its potential alongside the 12-step program. This paper is being carried out in order to provide a thorough assessment of the impact of the 12-step program in the hope of providing clear guidelines for the stronger application and support of the program
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Children with Aspergers Syndrome Psychology Essay
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 1 , Essay
In 1944 an Austrian health professional named Hans Asperger found out a problem which was faced by children in the society. These children had problems with behavior and social interaction together. Later on, it was found out many children faced from the same problem and the name Asperger’s was named after Hans Asperger. 
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Analysis of Picking Cotton - Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption Psychology Book Report/Review
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 1 , Book Report/Review
The book will indeed change my views of others. Firstly, the bitterness that I felt when reading the earlier chapters of the book went diminishing as I progressed. The system in my view was quick to convict a black man and my sympathies were with him. The spirit of forgiveness and grace that Ronald exhibited melted my heart.
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Video Games with Violence Are Harmful to Teenagers Psychology Research Paper
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 1 , Research Paper
Video games are very interactive and thus players benefit by engaging in violent acts so as to move to the next game level. Gentile and Anderson argue that playing violent games can augment aggressiveness of an individual due to the continued persistence of violent acts in the game. Repetition has been accredited as an effective method of teaching.
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Counselor Ethical Boundaries and Practices Psychology Term Paper
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 2 , Term Paper
It is a very vital element. It is through these ethical boundaries that the counselor is able to design strategies for the relationship so that an effective plan can be formulated for the process of counseling. Sometimes the boundaries are well defined and clear for the counselors while some will find it ethically complex.
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Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy Theory Psychology Research Paper
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 1 , Research Paper
In the Emotive Strategies, the first technique used is called the Rational –emotive imagery and this is a form of mental practice that allows the client to think, feel and behave exactly the way he would want to in actual life. First, the client has to imagine a situation n which he/she would be upset a great deal
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Guidance Counseling to Students that Are Victims of Bullying Psychology Research Paper
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 1 , Research Paper
Bullying is an intrinsic element of a school’s social environment. The form of bullying hence changes (and varies) with age and gender. For instance, boys may be inclined towards physical intimidation and name calling while girls on the other hand resort to relational bullying, or verbal bullying and spreading gossips.
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