Romantic Partners and Four-Legged Friends - an Extension of Attachment Theory to Relationships With Pets - Assignment Example

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This paper "Romantic Partners and Four-Legged Friends - an Extension ofAttachment Theory to Relationships With Pets" focuses on the fact that in Asia, people do not want a child. Therefore, the Asian people have resorted to keeping pets as their children, and they buy products for these pets…
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Download file to see previous pages Research has shown that spending time with this animal pet helps to relieve the owner of the state of stress. On the other hand, the pet dog may misbehave at the wedding. It will, therefore, prompt the pet owner to be controlling it every time as it moves from one point to another. This is because the dog gets overstimulated at the event, the fact which is attributed to the state of anxiety in this animal.
In this paper, my interest is research on the causes of the secure attachment of Asian people to animal pets, to the extent that they regard them more than their children.
The criticism posed towards this issue is that being obsessed with pets at the expense of the children is a biological norm. Therefore, the review of the literature on the parent-child attachment theories will be pertinent concerning this issue.
The development of avoidant attachment styles by parents on their children is based on the parents’ response to their emotional and physical demands. When children develop anxious and ambivalent patterns of behaviour have them lose confidence in their parents’ capacity to meet those needs. The bond between human beings and animals has faced much attention from scholars in the recent past. From the studies conducted in many Asian countries, the companion animals, also called pets, are a boon to those people who own them, thereby offering them many benefits in numerous ways. For instance, the corporeal and emotional health of the pet possessors is boosted by the companionship of these pets.
Secondary analysis of the survey data conducted by a Japanese social survey campaign reveals that the practice of keeping the pets and spending much money to nurture them contributes to the betterment of the adults regarding the social status and the health portfolio. However, the relationship between the health of those people aged 60 years and is not linked with the practice of pet ownership.
The research aims to evaluate the activity of pet keeping a context among the Asian groups, such as those living in Japan, in order to have an insight into the common trend that is imminent today about their spending habits. According to the euro motive international report concerning food and care of pets in Japan, several individuals outlook animals as a portion of the members of their families. It has led to a situation where those adults spend little or no money to keep their children comfortable, as opposed to what they spend in their pets, such as dogs. The attachment to pets is higher among the childless people. There is a belief that pet ownership has many benefits to the owners. For instance, the individual ownership of pets is assumed to be related to pet ownership and the view of these animals as companions.
Background and Significance
Many of the scholarly studies have been projected towards the bodily health paybacks of the connection with the pets in many locations in the US. In many animal-assisted therapy cases, the interaction between trained pets and patients takes place every day. In this situation, the pets can help to rehabilitate the patients physically. For instance, a patient can regain a state of balance after riding on a horse, being a pet in this respect. In addition to that, companion animals can perform a significant role in encouraging affirmative feelings and behaviours among the owners. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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