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Foundations of psychology - Assignment Example

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Foundation of psychology as a topic revolves around the introduction to basic concepts of psychology including the philosophical, theoretical, historical as well as the methodological backgrounds to the subject. However, contemporary psychology is embedded in four major schools…
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Foundations of psychology
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Download file to see previous pages As such, each perspective contributes to the advancement of the psychological science because they navigate through the human life complexities as well as its biological basis.
The first psychological school of thought is the psychodynamic perspective, a theory that came about thanks to the works of Sigmund Freud and is based on the assumption that many of the human thought processes normally take place below the human beings consciousness awareness (Wertheimer, 2012). Freud used previously learned materials to conclude that people possess three personalities namely id, ego, and the superego. Therefore, when the internal psyches are in conflict with the society, there occurs an internal conflict that hinders an individuals ability of coping and functioning normally thus Freud inferred that the unconscious directives were the motivating factors of a behavior. Despite numerous criticisms, Freud was seen as a forward thinker, who was always ahead of time coming up with the concepts of psychic energy, unconscious and subconscious.
Another school of thought is the cognitive perspective, though a recent school of thought is where the focus is to explain the mental processes, how people process, store as well as retrieve information (Wertheimer, 2012). As such, the school of thought concerns thinking, perception, problem-solving, language, and memory processes of the mind. Also, it identifies the coping skills like organizing and processing of the external information resulting in intelligibility. On the other hand, the school of thought evaluates the existing relationships between the processes in the mind and the environment especially the responses that are provoked by the external environment. The school of thought presumes that psychological problems are as a result of maladaptive thinking; therefore, cognitive therapy emphasizes on the identification of the imminent thought patterns and as a result, changing the faulty thoughts into healthy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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