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Psychology Degree - Research Paper Example

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Scientifically, the design of the study is contrary to experimental norms. This is because, all participants were not tested ion the same conditions, and there was an inherent bias in the study conditions.
The airmen should not have been differentiated with the intake of the beer cans before and after work, in that all members at the end of their shift should not have been given 4 cans only…
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Psychology Degree Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Already the individual in question would be tired after the shift, so that factor would also be there insofar as a delayed and/or missed signal response is concerned.
Furthermore, it is inaccurate to conclude that alcohol consumption does not affect the airmen's ability to perform their duties. The percent missed signals are also a very important factor that should not be condoned. The scores read that there is a 75% increase in missed signals for those who took 4 cans of beer. Such a significant result should be taken into account, as this does go on to prove a direct correlation between alcohol and performance.
The design would involve making three different sets of experiments for both experimental and control. One would be with large size of letters vs small sized letters, second would be bright coloured vs dull coloured, and the third would be big words and bright background against the opposite.
The design would involve making two different sets of experiments for both experimental and control. One would be with situational context vs blank (neutral stimulus), and second would be emotion vs no emotion.
The sample would be children of the same age bracket.
T-test would be used for the assessment.
c Effect of coaching style and motivation on success in a sporting event.
Independent Variables and Levels
The level is control, and the independent variable is ease of success in sporting event.
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Psychology Degree Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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