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Pancreas and How It Affects Diabetes - Research Paper Example

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Pancreas, only till the recent past had been an elusive and a less known organ, owing to its position that was deep and well hidden, within the human body. The goal of the following assignment is to examine the relation of the pancreas to diabetes development…
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Pancreas and How It Affects Diabetes
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Download file to see previous pages Position and Anatomical features of the pancreas: This gland organ is shaped like a fish, and is greyish pink in color. It is about 15 cms in length and is positioned behind the stomach and the vertebral column (Fig. A.) With its head lying on the right side of the human abdomen, the pancreas is connected to the duodenum of the
small intestine. The end part of the tail region of the pancreas lies in close proximity to the spleen and continues up to the splenorenal ligament. The pancreas can be divided into three main sections, as shown in the fig.
Role of the pancreas in the normal functioning of the human organism: The chief function of the pancreas is the production of various hormones and pancreatic juices, including insulin, within the human body. The pancreas is a compound gland has both endocrine and exocrine functions. As a part of its exocrine functions, the acinar cells of the pancreas secretes pancreatic fluid, which is an enzyme. This fluid forms an integral part of the digestive system and helps in the digestion of food within the small intestine. The pancreatic fluid which is a mixture of alkaline fluids and digestive juices (the mixture contains trypsin, chymotrypsin, pancreatic lipase, and pancreatic amylase), then flows out through the main pancreatic duct, which runs through the entire length of the gland organ and joins the common bile duct at the head region of the pancreas.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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