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This process can lead to inappropriate speed up or shut down of the cellular process. The organism studied in the research is the African Clawed Frog. This is an…
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Endocrine disruption is the process by which a substance mimics the actions of one of the body’s natural hormones. This process can lead to inappropriate speed up or shut down of the cellular process. The organism studied in the research is the African Clawed Frog. This is an African aquatic frog of the Pipidae family. The pesticide in the study is Altrazine, a herbicide used with monocot crops such as corn. A hormone is a chemical substance that the body produces. Hormones regulate and control the activities of certain organs and cells. Altrazine mimics Hormone Estrogen. It converts testosterone into estrogen leading to the African male-clawed frogs adopting feminine traits.
Aromatase is the enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This enzyme is located in estrogen producing cells such as ovaries, testicles, and adrenal glands. The pesticide Altrazine can have adverse effects in human beings. It can lead to prostrate disorders, birth defects and delayed puberty. This research is convincing. I find it interesting that the hormones of pregnancy in human beings make African clawed frogs lay eggs. This is an amazing finding by the scientists and it shows how organisms relate, in this case amphibians and mammals.
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Hayes, Tyrone. "Tyrone B. Hayes - Case Study of Atrazine and Environmental Health." YouTube. YouTube. Web. 20 Nov. 2014. . Read More
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