Green Decisions of Demographics by Clare DSouza
Green Decisions of Demographics by Clare DSouza Business Book Report/Review
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 2 , Book Report/Review
The research was also completed so that a clearer picture could be gained of what made a label seem accurate and which types of labelling appealed to different demographics.  The information necessary for the research was gathered by a random selection of telephone numbers in the Australian State of Victoria.
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Doing Business in Russia
Doing Business in Russia Business Research Proposal
12 pages (3000 words) , Download 1 , Research Proposal
The author states that the economy of Russia includes redoubtable assets. Russia possesses plenty supplies of many of the world’s most valued resources, especially those required to support a modern industrialized economy. It also has a well-educated labor force with substantial technical proficiency.
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Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-consumer (B2C)
Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-consumer (B2C) Business Essay
4 pages (1000 words) , Download 1 , Essay
B2B is the business where both parties are organizations or companies working with each other for some kind of mutual benefit such as An example of this would be industrial suppliers or manufacturers who sell to a business that eventually takes final goods to the customers.
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Organisation and management issues of Alcan
Organisation and management issues of Alcan Business Essay
9 pages (2250 words) , Download 1 , Essay
The alumina which is produced at the processing plant is then carried on to Blyth, in specially designed wagons, to the Lynemouth Smelter Complex, and also to Lochaber and to Kinlochleven. The second unit at the Lynemouth Smelter Complex is the 390-megawatt power station, which uses about one million tones of coal every year.
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Systems Thinking
Systems Thinking Business Essay
4 pages (1000 words) , Download 2 , Essay
The income is generated when a series of activities culminates successfully so is the wealth too. Here every employee in the company works as part of chain that forms a particular organizational function. The status of every employee in the organization system refers to the "level " in the system theory.
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Chinese Logistics Companies
Chinese Logistics Companies Business Essay
19 pages (4750 words) , Download 1 , Essay
The subprime crisis has been particularly cruel to the Chinese economy. The logistics industry in China is still at the beginning. Although it is developing fast, it has many problems. The out-dated management styles, obsolete information technology and haphazard planning of capital construction in the national transportation system and so on restrict the development of the logistics industry in China.
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Value Engineering
Value Engineering Business Essay
11 pages (2750 words) , Download 2 , Essay
Value and economy are improved through the study of alternate design concepts, materials and methods without compromising the value and functional objectives. Value engineering can be applied at any point in a project. Typically, the earlier application means a higher return of investment in time and effort.
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Strategic HRM
Strategic HRM Business Essay
2 pages (500 words) , Download 3 , Essay
Strategic thinking is based on rational decision-making ,taking into account the competitive and financial pressures on modeling the present situation and the resources available to it, including its people. Personnel management was essentially reactive whereas HRM exemplified by HR strategy is proactive and takes a longer perspective.
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How Apple Does It by Lev Grossman
How Apple Does It by Lev Grossman Business Article
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 1 , Article
The author claims that Apple does everything wrong because it tries to produce several products or provide customers with several services (as it produces its own hardware as well as its own operating system designed for this particular hardware) and it also produces programs developed for these operational systems.
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Developments in the Role of Information Systems
Developments in the Role of Information Systems Business Case Study
12 pages (3000 words) , Download 2 , Case Study
The paper describes the Cisco Internet business model. A brief discussion of the ICTs used by the company is also undertaken. Emphasizing the needs of Porter’s five forces the strengths and weaknesses of the company are also discussed. The company successfully implements the complexity theory has also been taken into consideration.
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Sustainability of the Clients Investments
Sustainability of the Clients Investments Business Assignment
4 pages (1000 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
The company traces its roots in 1963 when it opened its first store in Manchester. Currently, the company has a wide distribution network consisting of 244 stores which are strategically located throughout United Kingdom and 13 which are opened in Holland (About Toops 2006).
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Enterprise Small Business Management
Enterprise Small Business Management Business Assignment
8 pages (2000 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
Entrepreneurship is a multidimensional process.  This aspect indeed requires an in-depth analysis.  To research upon Entrepreneurship is a hectic task which is multidimensional in nature and of course unbelievably a difficult task to achieve upon.  There are two distinct schools of researchers in the field of entrepreneurial psychology.  
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Business in europe
Business in europe Business Case Study
12 pages (3000 words) , Download 1 , Case Study
Greece lies in the boarder of Europe, Asia and Africa. The capital of Greece is in Athens and other major cities in the country include Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklion, Volos, Loannina and Larisa. The country has a long spinning history and it is considered to be the birth place of the democracy, the western philosophy, Olympic Games, the western literature, political sciences, major mathematic and science principles, and arts like drama, tragedy and comedy.
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The World Trade Organization
The World Trade Organization Business Case Study
8 pages (2000 words) , Download 1 , Case Study
Trade reaches to the point wherein every nation can interact with each other while the bottom line is to conduct business and trade. International trade happens when goods or services are exported by a firm to another country. Hill added that a foreign direct investment happens when a firm invests resources in business activities in the other country.
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Argentinian Financial Crisis
Argentinian Financial Crisis Business Essay
8 pages (2000 words) , Download 1 , Essay
After the meltdown, not only did Argentina have to come to terms with its heedlessness in accepting an influx of loans from various international sources, it had to create a plan for not allowing this situation the possibility of occurring again. In essence, figuratively speaking, Argentina had to become an adult, discipline itself and make its own needs a priority.
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The Developing Manager
The Developing Manager Business Assignment
16 pages (4000 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
'Pprticiptive-group': mngers hve complete trust nd confidence in subordintes in ll mtters, lwys get ides nd opinions from subordintes nd use them constructively, give economic rewrds on the bsis of group prticiption nd involvement in such res s setting gols nd pprising progress towrd gols, engge in much communiction both down nd up nd with peers, encourge decisionmking throughout the orgniztion, nd otherwise operte mong themselves nd with their subordintes s group.
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Information Management Assignment
Information Management Assignment Business Assignment
24 pages (6000 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
If a government is closed to foreign investors, this will definitely affect the growth of an enterprise planning to explore business in that 'closed' country. But if the country exercises free trade, then there would be less trouble in putting up an expansion in the area.
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Business Decision Making
Business Decision Making Business Essay
12 pages (3000 words) , Download 1 , Essay
The arguments will need to refer to the social science theories of the 1) knowledge society 2) consumer society 3) risk society The emergence of information technology as well as the development in economics, science and medicine has made it possible for societies to easily access specialised knowledge essential for decision-making.
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Canadian Lumber Trade
Canadian Lumber Trade Business Essay
4 pages (1000 words) , Download 1 , Essay
Before 1930, the Canadian Lumber was entering US markets duty free. But after 1930, various degrees of taxes and duties were imposed on the imports of Canadian Lumber in US in order to protect the US Lumber industry. Different developments in the Lumber Trade Issue had been witnessed since 1930.
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Capital Budgeting Statistics Project
Capital Budgeting Statistics Project Business Statistics Project
21 pages (5250 words) , Download 5 , Statistics Project
All these decisions involve huge investment, the benefits of which will be seen only in the long-term and these decisions are also irreversible in nature. By nature of these projects, long-term sources of funds become the best suited means of financing.
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How will the Joint Venture Kmart Survive in the Mexican Market
How will the Joint Venture Kmart Survive in the Mexican Market Business Essay
5 pages (1250 words) , Download 1 , Essay
He is also thinking of how the products(Harvard Business School, 2000) will be priced in Mexico. The culture and customer behavior habits of Mexicans is also in his mind. After the bankruptcy of Kmart, Canada when NAFTA was imposed, he is speculating his next move.
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Conglomerate Mergers
Conglomerate Mergers Business Essay
8 pages (2000 words) , Download 1 , Essay
Conglomerate mergers take place when the firms involved in the merger operate in different product markets. These mergers may be product extension mergers - merger involving firms that produce different but related products - or pure conglomerate mergers - mergers between firms operating in entirely different markets.
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Real Estate Markets and Finance
Real Estate Markets and Finance Business Assignment
11 pages (2750 words) , Download 2 , Assignment
Defining what the authorities consider as affordable in the local plan area in terms of the relationship between local income levels and house prices or rents for different types of household. There should also be an indication of the number of affordable homes that have to be provided in a plan area.
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Strategic Management Case Study
Strategic Management Case Study Business Case Study
3 pages (750 words) , Download 1 , Case Study
At present, the Imperial Tobacco Company is producing a large variety of cigarettes with the help of its technological innovation, which helped the company to retain their lead position in the market. "A consistent benchmarking system across the factories and are looking to develop this further, extending productivity and efficiency measures to the supply chain, logistics and distribution activities." (Imperial Tobacco).
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Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss
Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss Business Article
3 pages (750 words) , Download 1 , Article
The author states that hiring qualified personnel, subcontracting to other firms, and supporting R&D networks with peer firms and research institutions seem to be of prime importance here. The most important ideas he learned from the book include a crucial role in human relations and client (customer) value.
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Strategies of General Motors and Toyota Motor Corporation
Strategies of General Motors and Toyota Motor Corporation Business Case Study
5 pages (1250 words) , Download 2 , Case Study
While others improve their operations by reducing the cost to offer more competitive prices. Meanwhile, other players concentrate on improving their product lines and differentiating their offerings. However, it is notable that these changes in strategies are mainly mechanisms to cope with the fast-paced environment of the industry players. 
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Nigerian women
Nigerian women Business Case Study
14 pages (3500 words) , Download 2 , Case Study
It would be easier for understanding of this chapter to check the tabular data presentation (Appendix 1) while reading sections. The first subsection exposes a general background on the participants of research to reader, regarding their age, education, marital status and a number of children, thus creating a portrait of Nigerian female bankers.
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South West Tourism Industry
South West Tourism Industry Business Case Study
4 pages (1000 words) , Download 1 , Case Study
"The overall costs and risks of climate change will be equivalent to losing at least 5% of global GDP each year, now and foreverDamage could rise to 20% of GDP or more. These are risks of major disruption to economic and social activity, on a scale similar to those associated with the great wars and the economic depression of the first half of the 20th century"
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Importance of Business Economics
Importance of Business Economics Business Assignment
4 pages (1000 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
 The rise of organizational slack due to members of a coalition receiving side payments in the form of monetary awards, which may exceed that necessary to maintain the coalition.Compared to the profit-maximizing theory that gives us the most 0optimal level of production. The behavior theory does not direct firms on how to make decisions. 
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My Career Goals
My Career Goals Business Essay
2 pages (500 words) , Download 3 , Essay
       New technology is still continuing to impact on accounting and finance. E-business, web-based technologies expanded the boundaries. Companies irrespective of their sizes are adopting the latest technologies for its success. Therefore the role of CPA is changing continuously. 
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International marketing - Wedgwood
International marketing - Wedgwood Business Essay
12 pages (3000 words) , Download 2 , Essay
A prudent decision to take at this point of time would be to enter a foreign market to expand its business, which offers present and future potential of high growth. Wedgewood should enter an economy which has been showing consistent high rate of growth and offers the same for the future, and one of the best options is Russia.
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General Electric: Corporate Vision, Mission, Goals, and Strategies
General Electric: Corporate Vision, Mission, Goals, and Strategies Business Essay
1 pages (250 words) , Download 2 , Essay
Even though General Electric does not seem to have a mission statement, its operating viewpoint and business aims are evidently expressed each year in the Letter to Stakeholders in the General Electric Annual Report. General Electric is a diversified technology, manufacturing and service company with a dedication to achieving global leadership.
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Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc
Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc Business Case Study
12 pages (3000 words) , Download 2 , Case Study
'The Group's brand products extends from flowers and fresh produce to kitchen-ware and candles, from greetings cards and cushions to ink cartridges and ice cream. Product brands are The Best, Eat Smart, Bettabuy, Organic, Freefrom, At Home, First Home and Complexions.
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Personal Finance Concepts
Personal Finance Concepts Business Essay
3 pages (750 words) , Download 1 , Essay
My time horizon is long enough to let me be very aggressive, because the longer the time horizon, the more aggressive you can be with your investment dollars I recognize the importance of diversification that's why I firmly believe that one of the most important steps to building a successful portfolio is properly dividing assets among different types of investments.
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Unemployment Business Essay
5 pages (1250 words) , Download 1 , Essay
The LM curve joins together combinations of interest rates and national income at which the monetary sector is at equilibrium, when there is equilibrium in the money market then the amount of money demanded is equal to the quantity of money supplied. There are factors that determine the position of the LM curve.
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The Need for Marketing Information for Bottle Brothers to Improve the Running of the Business
The Need for Marketing Information for Bottle Brothers to Improve the Running of the Business Business Case Study
9 pages (2250 words) , Download 1 , Case Study
The buyer should also be ready and flexible according to the needs and requirements of customers. For example, if an institution is mainly concerned about the price of a good or a service, the company should be able to price competitively. It should also be noted that institutional buyers often require more paperwork from sellers.
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Merger motives
Merger motives Business Essay
2 pages (500 words) , Download 2 , Essay
Though it has been to referred to as the 'merger of equals' by its directors, it is a merger of two complimentary companies. They each have their own motivations and divergent reasons for entering into a merger. They are also driven by a common goal, growth.
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Fair Payment System
Fair Payment System Business Essay
4 pages (1000 words) , Download 1 , Essay
Flexibility is needed because of increasing concern that payment system may sometimes not match performance, and equity is important because employees need to find the system fair when compared with pay package offered to other employees doing the same or similar jobs.
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The World Oil Market
The World Oil Market Business Assignment
4 pages (1000 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
The oil industry is a fast-depleting one, the prices and current production rates of which is largely determined by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and a few other countries which are non-OPEC members. Oil is the largest strategic resource in the global and international market.
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HND Organisation Behaviour
HND Organisation Behaviour Business Assignment
3 pages (750 words) , Download 1 , Assignment
On the other hand, extrinsic motivation comes into play when a worker is compelled to do something or act a certain way because of factors external to him such as money. According to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of human needs theory, it states that human beings have needs and desires which influence their behavior.
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Leadership and Organisational Performance
Leadership and Organisational Performance Business Essay
10 pages (2500 words) , Download 2 , Essay
Proactiveness, Analytics, Research, Honesty, Out of Box thinking, Continuous Learning, Knowledge Sharing & Management, Directions, Team Motivation, Skill Management & Enhancement, Evolution & Focus on strategic Organizational Goals, Customer Orientation, Sound Governance, Technology Understanding & Leveraging, Automation, etc.
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ITES industry of India
ITES industry of India Business Research Proposal
5 pages (1250 words) , Download 1 , Research Proposal
There was too much property out for renting out with little demand. This brought the prices of rental property down drastically. The prices nevertheless have stabilised now and there is expected to be a steady growth in the real estate market in the near future as a direct result of the growth of the ITES industry.
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Tesco Personal Finance
Tesco Personal Finance Business Case Study
12 pages (3000 words) , Download 1 , Case Study
However, after a decade, the joint venture came to its termination with the Tesco gaining the full ownership of Tesco Personal Finance. On July 28, 2008, Tesco, the supermarket retail giant announced that it had come to an agreement with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to buy its 50% stake in the Tesco Personal Finance for a sum of £950 million.
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Food Policy in the UK
Food Policy in the UK Business Term Paper
11 pages (2750 words) , Download 1 , Term Paper
Howard's more extensive article makes a stronger case against GM foods and seeds. However, some of her arguments are one-sided and seriously misleading. Howard's discussion of the Pusztai case and L-tryptophan illustrate my point. According to Howard, Pusztai first discovered the health effects of feeding genetically modified potatoes to rats.
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Online Customer Engagement
Online Customer Engagement Business Essay
4 pages (1000 words) , Download 4 , Essay
It comprises the procedure that directs to a customer's optimistic commitment with the company or presenting, as fine as the behaviors connected with dissimilar levels of customer engagement. This can also refers to the marketing practices that target to make, motivate or influence the customer engagement behavior (Shajahan 2006, pg 210).
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The Body Shop and the Cosmetics Industry
The Body Shop and the Cosmetics Industry Business Dissertation
30 pages (7500 words) , Download 2 , Dissertation
This paper examines CSR activities focusing on The Body Shop. The Body Shop is the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world and founded by the late Dame Anita Roddick. The Body Shop has emphasized its support for a wide range of issues around the globe. The company is noted for a range of product environmental innovation.
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The Role of the Company Secretary in the Light of the Companies Act 2006
The Role of the Company Secretary in the Light of the Companies Act 2006 Business Research Paper
6 pages (1500 words) , Download 1 , Research Paper
It is important to note that a public company secretary must have sufficient experience in the office of public company secretary for at least three to five years immediately preceding his appointment as a secretary or a barrister, advocate or solicitor called or admitted in any part of the United Kingdom.
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Internet Banking in the United Kingdom
Internet Banking in the United Kingdom Business Coursework
36 pages (9000 words) , Download 1 , Coursework
Internet banking that was considered a distant thought 30 years ago is now a reality; increasing number of banks are planning to tap this untapped market and many have already started to provide online banking services to their customers. Most of the UK's major banks started off in the mid 90s offering services such as checking bank balances, transferring money between your own accounts and paying bills, however this has now accelerated allowing consumers to transfer money to other people's accounts both in the UK and in different countries, apply for mortgages, loans & credit cards, or download account details to spreadsheets allowing them to manage their cash flows (BBC News, 1998).
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Strategic Assessment of the Retail Marketing Sector in Ireland
Strategic Assessment of the Retail Marketing Sector in Ireland Business Statistics Project
12 pages (3000 words) , Download 1 , Statistics Project
Several sources consider the Republic of Ireland the Celtic Tiger because its economy has grown the fastest in the EU, in the process transforming itself from an agricultural to a modern, trade-dependent economy growing 7% annually, driven primarily by industrial exports, consumer spending, construction, and foreign direct investments. 
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Businesses Marketing
Businesses Marketing Business Essay
12 pages (3000 words) , Download 1 , Essay
Competitive strategy employed and must be properly designed, particularly to small businesses (worldwide) attempting to capture a wider market. Kotler (2005, p.191) stated out that the central question for marketers is: 'how do consumers respond to various marketing stimuli that the company might use' Kotler (2005 shares similar ideas and states that a consumer's buying behavior is influenced by cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors.
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