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Symbolic vs. Functional Recruitment: Wendys - Assignment Example

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This report “Symbolic vs. Functional Recruitment: Wendy’s” critically assesses the differences between the US and Indian people so that the human resource may be handled in the best possible manner and with minimum difficulty. A Hofstede model has been used…
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Symbolic vs. Functional Recruitment: Wendys
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Extract of sample "Symbolic vs. Functional Recruitment: Wendys"

Download file to see previous pages There is social inequality in India, a difference like lack of teamwork, managers like working individually unlike the Americans, the Indians give priority to culture and family over work while for the Americans work takes precedence. Both are risk-takers and developing personal relations is important for the American while it isn’t for the Indians. Such differences can make it difficult for them to work together.
The next part of the report focuses on expatriation and repatriation. The national culture might make it difficult for the expatriates to adjust unless laws and regulations are established to initiate an effort to encourage better-coordinated work between the two. The expatriates might feel insecure about their jobs and their repatriation. Ethical issues that arise have been addressed for a better understanding of the situation. The recruitment and selection process is corrupt in India and Wendy has to make rules and regulations to ensure just means of hiring and selection. Consideration should be given to the fact that India is a multicultural country and hiring has to respect the issues associated with it.
It is recommended that Wendy’s use its human resource as a competitive advantage to excel its competitors at the same time offer a variety of products for the different market niches that exist in India which the competitors are not doing. A resource-based model exemplifies how human resources can be used as a competitive edge. Simultaneously, Wendy has to establish an impeccable organizational culture to achieve its objectives.
Wendy’s1 is an international fast-food chain with its headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, USA. Founded in 1969, it is the third-largest fast-food chain after McDonald's and Burger King. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Symbolic vs. Functional Recruitment: Wendys Assignment.
(Symbolic Vs. Functional Recruitment: Wendys Assignment)
Symbolic Vs. Functional Recruitment: Wendys Assignment.
“Symbolic Vs. Functional Recruitment: Wendys Assignment”.
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