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International Corporate Finance of Automobile Market in Thailand and Malaysia - Coursework Example

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This coursework describes the International Corporate Finance of the Automobile Market in Thailand and Malaysia. This paper outlines theories of international trade SWOT analysis, peculiarities of the situation in Thailand and Malaysia…
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International Corporate Finance of Automobile Market in Thailand and Malaysia
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Extract of sample "International Corporate Finance of Automobile Market in Thailand and Malaysia"

Download file to see previous pages For investing in a country the factors to consider are its policies in the Globalization of Trade and Investment, Political Economy, Foreign Direct Investment, Social Cultural Factors and Intellectual Property in International Business. There are several theories on International Trade that shed light on why International Trade takes place and why investments are made internationally.
Mercantilism is a 16th-century theory that symbolizes gold as wealth and propagates that exports should be subsidized to meet competition and imports should be penalized with tariffs to protect the home industry. This severely limits the benefits and is a zero-sum game. (Miller. David., et al 1987)
The Absolute advantage theory was originated by Adam Smith, the father of modern Economics, and he proposed that one should produce in a place where one can be most efficient and should trade where production is marked by inefficiency. By and large, this theory is in practice today. (Smith. Adam, 1776)
The Comparative Advantage theory states that production should be decided on the basis of relative advantage and if the advantage is unavailable one should import rather than produce even if efficiency is more than that of the exporting nation. (Ricardo. David 1817)
In contrast, Heckcher (1919) and Ohlin (1933) theorized that one should produce and export goods from locally abundant factors of inputs and import those goods for which these factors are costly locally.
The Product Life Cycle theory by Raymond Vernon in 1960 concluded that there are four stages of the lifecycle of a product and international trade is related to them. In the first innovation stage, the product is developed in its home country; in the second when it reaches its growth level it is produced in another developed country; when it is in maturity it is produced in a developing country and in the last stage where it reaches the declining stage of its life it may be produced just anywhere. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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International Corporate Finance of Automobile Market in Thailand and Coursework.
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