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Saving the Environment and the Bottom Line - Essay Example

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Hotel managers should consider changing the in room toilets, faucets and also showerheads. There are also some other actions that hotel managers can do. For example, the following flier can be placed in the bathroom right next to the…
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Saving the Environment and the Bottom Line
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"Saving the Environment and the Bottom Line"

Download file to see previous pages Environmental Protection Agency which seeks to protect the future of our nations water supply by offering people a simple way to use less water with water-efficient products, new homes and other related services.
In this case, a good example can be draw from Xavier Hotel. It can save 15 gallons per person per day implementing various improvements. With our operations including 375 rooms and if it’s occupied 70% of the time with 1.4 people, our yearly annual saving in gallons will be 2,015,895. This means that about $ 115,309.194 is saved a year.
In order to purchase water sense labeled products such as toilets, showerheads and sinks from “” it will cost Xavier Hotel approximately $ 134,617.50 for all 375 rooms without any kind of industrial discounts and employee costs.
Electricity consumption is a big problem in hospitality business. Guests and other staff members might waste electricity without knowing it. There are a couple of solutions that can be implemented in order to prevent extra electricity usage. For guest rooms, the hotel should use guest room key as an electric power by placing the room card into an electric source so it can save electricity usage while guests are not inside the rooms which is called key activated guest room energy management system. Also, the hotel management could use magnets for windows that is, if windows are open, it can directly turn off the air conditioning system. There are so many guests that leave windows open while they are sleeping and they also do not turn of the air conditioning system without knowing it this can lead to extra consumption of electricity. Hotels also consume electricity in the hallways. Hotel management could place motion sensors in order to prevent electricity usage. So if there is not anyone walking in the hallways, motion detectors can save ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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