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A critical investigation into the social-economic impacts at a dark tourism site, particularly Phuket, Thailand - Dissertation Example

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This research aimed to explore the travel motivation of tourists to Phuket post the tsunami. More specifically, the paper aimed to assess the differences in the travel motivations of Thai and Scandinavian tourists. …
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A critical investigation into the social-economic impacts at a dark tourism site, particularly Phuket, Thailand
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Extract of sample "A critical investigation into the social-economic impacts at a dark tourism site, particularly Phuket, Thailand"

Download file to see previous pages More specifically, the paper aimed to assess the differences in the travel motivations of Thai and Scandinavian tourists. Also, to establish if there are any differences in the motivations by gender and age. The main findings of the research though not very articulately discussed or even clearly or explicitly mentioned were – 1. Sandanavian and Thai Tourists differed in their motivations to travel to Phuket – Thai tourists motivated by desire to help and curiosity. The Scandinavians were also motivated by attractive marketing packaging and beauty of the destination 2. Younger tourists were motivated by curiosity 3. Female tourists were motivated by safety There is however considerable digression in the paper throughout on the factors or relationships it set out to assess, the aims mentioned in the abstract and the actual findings. Paper B Summary The paper hypothesizes that there is no dichotomy between actual dark tourism sites or the in situ sites and the secondary or the created sites that are established among the affected people. It takes the case study of a single created site - Yad Vashem, Jerusalem that is a memorial to the Holocaust or the Shoah. The researcher proposes that Yad Vashem has equal authenticity and acceptance among a specific set of tourists – the educational tourists as the actual in situ sites of the Shoah across Europe. The paper was able to establish that in the specific context of the educational tourists visiting secondary site of Yad Vashem, there was no difference in their experience and feelings about the authenticity of the site. 2. Identify the research methodology adopted for each paper. Primary Research Secondary Research Paper A Research method/s used Mixed Method (Qualitative and Quantitative) Literature Review Population/Data set(s) For Qualitative – Members of the Thailand Tourism industry (tour operators, hotel managers, staff members of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, members of tsunami memorials ) and For Quantitative – tourists who visited Phuket post Tsunami Searching for articles in databases -focused on tourism in Phuket post tsunami -focused on dark tourism in general -philosophical and opinion articles on thanatourism Sources of information For Qualitative –Interview using one question For Quantitative Self-Administered Survey Questionnaire with information on tourist behaviour, travel motivation and personal demographic characteristics Journal Articles, Books, Opinions, and Newspaper articles Sample Used For Qualitative (n=8) -2 tour operators -2 hotel managers -2 staff member of the Tourism Authority of Thailand -1 local administrator of the tsunami memorial at Kamla beach -3 Scandinavian tourists at Phuket For Quantitative 250 Thai and Scandinavian Tourists Sampling Method(s) Used For Qualitative Snowball sample of stakeholders of three tsunami memorial monuments in Phang Na and Phuket and Bangkok For Quantitative 1. Single Stage Cluster Analysis to select 3 hotels for tourists in Phuket 2. Convenience sample of Thai and International tourists (only Leisure Tourists )from local Bus Terminals and beaches. Excluding Residents of Phuket 3. Purposive Sampling at Bangkok airport to select Phuket Bound non-Phuket resident leisure tourists Paper B Research method/s used Qualitative Case Study Method Literature Review Population/Data set(s) European Teachers who were Educational Tourists interested in knowing about the Holocaust and Jewish history Searching for art ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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