To Kill a Mockingbird: Part Two: Chapters 26-31

Part Two: Chapters 26-31

By Harper LeeRelease Year: 1960

Part 2

Chapter 26

Jem and Scout return to school, passing by the Radley place daily. They are no longer afraid, but Scout hopes to see Boo one day. Scout’s teacher talks about Hitler’s bad deeds to the Jews, forcing Scout to ask Jem how the teacher could make such remarks when she supported what had been done to Tom.

Chapter 27

Ewell gets a job and blames Atticus after he loses it within a few days. Judge Taylor notices a shadow disappearing from his home after he heard some noises and went to investigate. Ewell starts to follow Helen Robinson to work every day from a distance and is warned by Deas.

Chapter 28

Scout falls asleep before getting into the pageant, misses her entrance, and is accused of ruining it. This embarrasses her and they leave for home. They get attacked on their way home by an unknown assailant. They are shaken but safe, even though Jem is hurt.

On getting home, Sheriff Tate is informed about the incident by Atticus and Dr. Reynolds is called in to tend to Jem. Tate later reveals that Bob Ewell had died.

Chapter 29

Scout reveals the story as it unfolded. She is shown the costume by Tate with the knife marks and critically looks at the man in the corner for the first time then realizes it is Boo.

Chapter 30

Scout and Boo go to the porch and listen to Tate and Atticus argue. Tate wants death to be called an accident, but Atticus thinks that Jem killed Bob Ewell and does not want him to face the law. Tate points out that Jem did not kill Ewell because he fell on his knife. Heck wants to make the matter disappear, knowing very well that it was Boo who killed Ewell. He felt it was a way of avenging Tom’s death because he died for no reason.

Chapter 31

Boo is taken upstairs by Scout to bid farewell to Jem who is recovering in his room. Scout later escorts Boo to his house and never sees him again. On getting home, she finds their father in Jem’s room. Atticus reads her a story from Jem’s book and Scout falls asleep.

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