To Kill a Mockingbird: Part Two: Chapters 18-20

Part Two: Chapters 18-20

By Harper LeeRelease Year: 1960

Part 2

Chapter 18

When Mayella takes the stand, she confesses that she called Robinson to help her mend a dress and says that she was raped at that time. Further cross-examination from Atticus reveals that there is more than meets the eye because Robinson’s left hand was useless since he was hurt as a child. The questions infuriate Mayella who shouts that if Robinson would be convicted, the courtroom must be full of cowards.

Chapter 19

Tom confesses that Mayella had been calling her several times when he passed by their house to help her with chores. That day, Mayella called him to fix the door, but Tom noticed that the door was okay and Mayella was all alone. As Tom was helping her, Mayella asked him to kiss her.

Her father noticed it and called her a whore and threatening her. At this point, Tom fled. Tom’s employer stood up and shouted that he had never had any trouble with him for the eight years Tom worked for him. He is thrown out for interrupting the court.

Chapter 20

Mr. Dill tells the children that he pretends to be drunk to avoid explaining his positions on white people because he prefers blacks to whites. Atticus reveals to the court that no tangible evidence had been provided to pin Tom to rape. In fact, no medical doctor was called in to ascertain the charges. Also, the fact that Mayella was bruised on her right side pins Bob and not Tom to the injuries.

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