To Kill a Mockingbird: Characters Analysis: Jem Finch

Character's Analysis: Jem Finch

By Harper LeeRelease Year: 1960

Jem Finch

Jem is one of the main characters of the novel who is Atticus’s son and four-year elder brother to Scout. Like the other growing boys of his age, he looks brave, courageous and active boy, and hence is loved and revered by his sister for demonstrating bravery by touching the gate of Radley house and standing beside his father on the eve of Atticus’s attempt of preventing Tom’s lynching at the hands of the white mob.

Another noticeable aspect of Jem’s personality includes his being amiable to almost all the individuals around him. He is not only loved by his father but also the sister and Aunt Alexandra. Moreover, he also loves his family and friend Dill and has developed a positive image of Boo. Jem is also a rational and tolerant boy at heart, where the racial bias prevailing in Maycomb town has not polluted his heart and mind altogether. Identical with Scout, Jem also idealizes his father and looks ambitious to adopt the same profession with the aim of fighting against injustices and inequalities.

As an emotional young boy, the verdict of the jury against Tom Robinson was shocking for him. Consequently, he looks determined to stand against the unjust system, which convicts the innocent and helpless individuals of society out of hatred against them. Consequently, Jem advocates for the equal status for the poor and downtrodden members of society, which makes him one of the most admired and loveable characters of the novel.

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