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What is to kill a Mockingbird about

explain, what are the central issues of the book? how the public took it at first?

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The foundation of the book are the concerns by the author that the society is racially divided. The main theme of the book is the mistreatment of the minority communities by the white majority. The author narrates how the colored people are wrongfully accused of crimes they did not commit and end up in prison. Even with evidenced that delinks them from the crimes, the judicial system fails to accord them justice. The book is, therefore, a revelation of the long-term suffering of injustice both at the domestic and community level. The author also addresses the problems associated with social class, child-upbringing and peer pressure.

        The foundation of the book is traced to the mid-1950s when Lee moved to New York. It is at the time of her relocation to the city that she decided to become a writer. She completed the novel in 1957 and published it the same year. Significant amendments to her work were made in 1960. The book was released to the public at the time when the American Civil Rights Movements were at the peak. The socio-political situation in the country bred mixed reactions to the book. A section of critics to the book claimed that the narrative voice of the book was unconvincingly moralistic. The narrator argued the high standards of morality that were difficult to attain in the hypothetical American society. The unconvincing nature of the narrative voice caused critics to allude to the story as a mere fallacy. Nevertheless, the book turned out to be a resounding success.

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