To Kill a Mockingbird: Part Two: Chapters 12-14

Part Two: Chapters 12-14

By Harper LeeRelease Year: 1960

Part 2

Chapter 12

The book summary continues with Scout who begins to feel lonely when Jem hits his teenage years and asks her to behave like a girl and stop following him around. Scout anticipates that Dill will come during summer to spend time with her, but he does not show up because he has to spend time with his new father. Scout feels worse when his father has to travel every day for work.

When Calpurnia decided to take the children to a black church, she is criticized by one woman for taking white children to a black church but the rest of the congregation is generally friendly.

Chapter 13

Aunt Alexandra feels that she should stay with Jem and Scout for a while to act as a mother figure. She is accepted by the town and soon becomes friends with the town’s ladies. They visit each other frequently and bring her cakes. She is proud of the Finch family, leading her to discuss other families with questionable characteristics.

Scout and Jem do not share in this pride, prompting Aunt Alexandra to ask Atticus to teach them about their ancestry so that they can have pride in their family and where they come from. This does not go down well with the children, leading Scout to cry.

Chapter 14

Scout and Jem continue to experience trouble when people continue to whisper about their father’s involvement in protecting black people. The matter of Calpurnia’s church emerges one day when Scout asks his father to explain what rape is. Alexandra gets mad and asks Atticus to chase Calpurnia away, a matter which Atticus refuses. Jem asks Scout not to bother Alexandra, leading to a fight that has them sent to bed by their father. They discover Dill hiding under Scout’s bed because he has run away from home since he feels ignored.

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